Why Living in a Freezing Cold Place is Good for Your Marriage!

Why Living in a Freezing Cold Place is Good for Your Marriage!

Okay, so you might be wondering exactly what your marriage has to do with furniture but let me assure you it can have a lot to do with it. And I am going to give you some great tips on furnishing your Master Bedroom in a Cold Climate which has everything to do with your marriage!!

So first off, when it’s cold at night you spend more time snuggling your loved ones! Did you know that in the olden days husbands and wives would do what was called ‘bundling’? When it got cold they’d both snuggle up tight into a blanket and sleep. Lets just say lots of babies were a result of all that bundling. So move over and invite your loved one to snuggle up!

Okay, now to the tips of  Furnishing Your Master Bedroom In A Cold Climate

1. Keeping Warm- So when decorating your master bedroom keep in mind that keeping warm is going to be our main goal.  Science tells us you lose more on heat through radiation than convection to the air. If your desk is up against the external surface, so that you are able to look through the window, your legs will have the tendency to get frosty. Although you can help eliminate a little of this cold by leaning a cardboard sheet against to the wall. If the head of your bed is alongside a freezing external wall you will end up getting a stiff neck, which is no good.

2. Windows- Maximize sunlight with banks of windows added to the south side of your bed to absorb the most light and warmth daily. On the north side of the bedroom, windows need to be minimal. Each position differs in terms of glazing, so talk to your contractor to get advice on the specifics of your own bedroom ideas.

3. Romance- Nothing warms you up quite like romance 🙂 That is why leaving space for something special like an infared sauna, two person shower or Jacuzzi tub is essential for keeping warm in the wintertime!

Okay, what is your best suggestion for Furnishing Your Master Bedroom In A Cold Climate? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks!


4 Tips for Keeping Beautiful Furniture and Kids in the Same House!

4 Tips for Keeping Beautiful Furniture and Kids in the Same House!

Any of you guys that follow Showhome Furnitures instagram, youtube or Facebook pages know that I absolutely LOVE kids and I LOVE new furniture! I have a huge family and that does not mean that I can’t have a beautiful house too. People ask me this question all the time. “Is it possible to have new furniture AND kids, or do I need to sell my kids?” Hahha, of course not! The answer to that question I can assure you is YES! In order to have new furniture and kids you just need to take a couple steps to make sure that the experience is great for both the furniture and the kids.

Here are 4 Tips for Keeping Beautiful Furniture And Kids in the Same House!

1. The type of material you choose- Obviously a nice suade couch is going to show spots and stains a lot easier than a good quality leather couch or even a vinyl couch. Think about the age of you beautiful kidlets, are they old enough to keep their hands clean or are they toddling around with their sticky fingers still? If you’ve got young children an easy to clean couch, chair or table is going to be much better for both of you guys than something that shows every mark. That is just one of reasons why I love the vintage furniture that is so popular, all those colors and dings fit right in with my lifestyle and the reality of having a big family. The more the kids play the better it looks!

2. Rules- Okay with kids and furniture you will probably have to have some rules. It’s okay to have spaces where kids aren’t allowed to eat or where shoes must be removed. Whenever we bring home a new piece of furniture I explain to the kids the value of the furniture and make sure they understand that its important to me that we work together to keep it looking beautiful. The truth is, even kids want to live in a beautiful place and if you make them part of the conversation its much more likely to entice them to follow your rules.

3. Protect- Did you absolutely fall in love with that couch you saw at Showhome Furniture the other day when you were browsing our aisles but it’s covered in cute fabric that isn’t easy to clean? It’s okay, that’s where protect comes in. As soon as you get your new piece of furniture invest in a bottle of scotch guard. Just a couple bucks and few minutes of work and your new piece of fabric covered furniture is going to last a lot longer in your family. Scotch guard creates a water resistance on your fabric and makes it so stains aren’t able to penetrate the surface. Definitely worth the investment! I can promise you- nobody regrets protecting their new furniture 🙂

4. In case of an accident- Okay, it happened, your two year old ran around drawing on everything with permanent marker or ball point pen? First, take a deep breath and 2nd read my blog post on how to get out almost any kind of stain on furniture. Remember, the kid is much more important than the couch and in the end it will be the moments you loved them that influence who they become far greater than the moments you yelled at them.

Thanks so much for reading, and good luck. I hope you enjoyed our 4 Tips for Keeping Beautiful Furniture And Kids in the Same House!

If you have a story about your furniture and kids I’d love to hear it in the comments below! Thanks

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Furniture in Calgary

Have you walked into a furniture store recently and seen the gorgeous new pieces that are screaming your name? Are you trying to convince your husband to let you spend hard earned money on some new furniture? Here are 4 questions to ask before buying new furniture to make sure you love it for years to come.

1. How much space do I have? Space is so important because it ultimately determines the size of furniture you will buy as well as the number of new pieces to put in a room. Personally I love decorating both large and small spaces. I love small spaces because you can splurge on your pieces of furniture and get something absolutely breathtaking that you wouldn’t be able to afford in a larger space. large spaces are fun because you can try something daring and big that serves as the main focal point for your room. Just be sure to consider space when choosing what pieces of furniture you want to buy.

2. What is the space Used for? There is no use buying lovely white couches if you have even lovelier little toddlers with dirty fingers running around! Is your furniture going to be used on a daily basis? Is it more of a design statement than a functional piece of well used furniture? Will adults or children be using it? Is it where the family eats, or gathers or reads? If you are considering furniture where your family eats a great leather is an excellent choice because it is so easy to clean. If you plan to watch a movie where this new furniture will go you’ll want something super comfy. These are just a few tips for considering what the space is used for when determining the perfect piece of furniture!

3. How long do I plan to use my new furniture? How long you intend to keep a certain piece of furniture determines how much you spend on it and also what style you chose. Are you the kind of person that just loves getting new furniture every couple of years? If so, you may want to consider lower end furniture that doesn’t cost quite as much. You also can get furniture that is very trendy as you know you’ll replace it in a couple years. If buying new furniture is only something that happens every 10 years in your house then you should consider timeless pieces that are solid and well built. Showhome Furniture specializes in high end furniture that is built to last. That way when you spend you hard earned money you have the assurances that it will be the kind of quality that you can pass down to your kids.

4. What is my budget? This is the most important question when considering what and how much new furniture to buy. Nobody wants to feel sick inside when they look at their lovely new couch because it was more than they should have spent. No, it’s far better to save up and buy exactly what you want when you have the money for it. There is a lot of beautiful pieces of furniture to fit every budget. If you keep your eye open for sales (hint: ShowHome Furniture ALWAYS has sales!!) than you can get something that you absolutely love for a price tag that even your husband won’t blink at!

The Nest Chair . . . because every HOME deserves one!


For a limited time only the nest chair will be on sale for $999 (reg $1399)
Maybe it’s because life seems to be getting crazier, busier, stressier, that we’re wanting our homes to be more of a haven than ever. Enter the new furniture solution – a nest chair. This cozy, enveloping ‘womb’ seem to harken back to a simpler time – when a good book and a cold drink and a comfy chair could dispel gloom and make all well in the world again.

girl on the nest chair Calgary

The curvy contours of the nest chair, and its ample seating capacity makes it the ideal place for snuggling and strengthening relationships. Your little ones can curl up beside you as you read their favorite story. There’s room to wrestle your teenager or cuddle with your honey. Or, if you have the luxury of a little alone time, you can stretch out by yourself to watch a movie, nap or talk endlessly to your best friend.

Nest Chair

Nest Chair

Tucked in a sunny corner of your living room, the nest will draw people to it like a magnetic. In a media room, it’ll be the most sought-after seating in the space. At Showhome Furniture, we love watching the look of sublime satisfaction cross our customers’ faces as they settle into one of the different nest chairs scattered throughout the store.. Available in a variety of fabrics, colors and sizes, the nest chair is set to become your next favorite piece of furniture.

Nest Chair
Sala Family


DIY Fabric Kites

What is it about this season that makes me feel like a kid again? I was browsing Anthropologie and came across this amazing photo shoot of fabric kites and fell into love with their dreaminess!

Ellice Sala

And then I went and visited Magnolia Market in Texas, wishing I would magically run across Joanna Gaines, but luck was not on my side, but I did snap a pic of these adorable fabric kites from her store.

Here are the simple steps to making the fabric kites.

You will need: fabric, glue gun, glue sticks, dowels and jewels

1. determine the fabric colors you want to work with

2. use dowels (I bought mine from the dollarstore) and break one stick smaller

3. tape the center with duct tape

4. put the fabric under the dowels and cut the fabric in the shape of the kite
5. glue the kite edges

6. make the tail by tying beautiful ribbon on the bottom of the kite

7. add little pieces of ribbon to the tail

8. embellish them with twisting scrape fabric into flower shapes and add feathers and beads with a glue gun

9. hang them up in your child’s room with fishing wire at different heights
Ellice Sala
Ellice Sala
Ellice Sala
I was determined to make some up for SHOWHOME.  I embellished them a lot more than what I saw online and loved their final look.  What do you think?  Do you want to come fly a kite with us?
DIY Family Vloggers

Let Showhome Furniture Help You With Your FIXER UPPER!

 So here are some of our ideas on how you can put that look in your space.  Read to the end of this blog and comment for a chance to win Chip and Joanna’s new book – ‘THE MAGNOLIA STORY’

Chip and Joanna Humble Moment

Chip/Joanna Gaines’ shop, Magnolia Market, before it all began | joannagaines / instagram

Before I knew a thing about Chip and Joanna Gaines, I fell in love with the Fixer Upper style.  Discovering that the look I loved was created by a down-to-earth and funny couple only made it more appealing.  The clean, simple lines and rustic touches that join contemporary with nostalgia rings a bell with today’s homeowners and, while I’d love to import Joanna to style your space, instead I can help you learn how to create the look yourself.


joanna gaines finish product

photo by www.countryliving.com
Although each home they do is tailored to their individual clients,  Joanna’s aesthetic is open, airy and simple with a great flow between rooms.  Walls disappear or are scaled back so that the space is filled with natural light and there’s a lot of communication between designated task areas.  Paint colors are generally subtle, fading into the background to let the overall design shine.


chip and joanna gaines lighting fixture ideas

photo by hgtv.com/shows/fixer-upper
What caught my eye with their very first renovation were the pendants over the island – just beautiful oversized bells of gleaming glass.  So simple but so elegant.  Joanna uses a lot of clear, farmhouse-style lighting but also looks for unusual shapes that recall lighting fixtures from years gone by – lantern pendants, schoolhouse ceiling- mounted orbs, wooden chandeliers etc.  Many of her choices have metal with an intriguing patina or chippy wood.  And the character of the fixture is frequently enhanced through the use of Edison vintage bulbs.


chip and joanna gaines WALL ART ideas

Photo Credit: HGTV Fixer Upper
Metal signs with meaningful quotes, chalkboards framed in distressed wood,  rusty or patinaed farm or industrial pieces, antique baskets, chunky woven wallhangings, huge clock faces and other vintage finds bring warmth and interest to the walls, which are generally painted a light neutral color.


joanna gaines TEXTURES FIXER UPPER ideas

Photo Credit: www.magnoliamarket.com
I love the way Joanna brings interest to a space with her use of textures.  Her color choices are often uncomplicated and the whole space might be clad in various hues of the same light neutrals.  It’s never boring, though, because she introduces so many different textures – heavy woven wools, delicate muslin ruffles, burlap lampshades or cushions, rough barked stump sides tables, honed stone countertops.  The juxtaposition of silky and nubby, rough and varnished make the spaces inviting.



Image Source: Instagram user joannagaines
Using the same concept of contrast, Joanna keeps a keen eye out for vintage architectural finds – like chippy corbels, chicken feeding baskets, worn wooden tool carriers.  The naive feel of these elements marries beautifully with more sophisticated elements such as polished stone or linen bedding.  Her interiors shine with unusual floral elements cozied up to well-used items that tell a story.  By using items from your own past or ones that appeal to you, soon your modern house will tell your own story, one you can share with everyone who enters your special space.

Showhome furniture is constantly travelling the earth with our six little children (who aren’t so little anymore) trying to bring calgary unique pieces that tell a story and have a rich past. We ❤ love seeing pics of showhome in your home! Send us your comment and let us know if you love this “FIXER UPPER” style as much as we do??

Share your pics on our Instagram and Facebook page and use #ShowHomeFurniture – instagram.com/showhomefurniture | facebook.com/ShowHomeFurniture

Remember to comment so you can win Joanna’s new book.

Showhome Family

Styling A Console Table

Whether decorative or functional (or a combination of both), it can provide a stage for showcasing treasures and also add needed storage.

The location of your console table will partially dictate how you use it. In a dining room, it might be used to store or display tableware, while in a foyer it can serve as a place to drop keys and mail. Either way, it can provide guests with a glimpse of the personalities of those who live in your home. A perfect console table will add both beauty and practicality to a space.

Styling your table is a matter of taste, but there are some common items that can be combined to give an uncommon result.

Mirrors. A mirror allows you to check your appearance and pull light into your space, adding sparkle that’s hard to duplicate.

Lamps. Used singly or in pairs, lamps bring additional light and a decorative touch. Look for a height that enhances other elements of the space and a base that has some kind of allure – whether it be the shape, an unusual use of material or an eye-catching color.

Baskets. Baskets can be both practical and beautiful. Used to fill the negative space below a console table, they contribute additional storage and attractive texture.

Branches or Botanicals. Elements of nature to add interest to any vignette. Whether tall and sculptural or green and frothy, they ground a design and remind us of living beauty around us.

Personal Mementos.Your home should reflect who you are and the life you lead. Treasures from your life give a clue to what makes you tick and helps transform your house into a home. These can be distinctive pieces from your travels, family photos or items that showcase a favorite hobby.

Books. New or old, chosen for visual appeal or intellectual challenge, a stack of hardcover books is always appealing. In a public space, consider the interests of your visitors and choose books someone would like to thumb through while they visit.

Art Collection.The gallery wall perfectly complements a console table. It’s another way of putting your personality on display and affords you an opportunity to exercise your creativity – both in the color, size or shape of your frames and the variety of items they hold. Even a collection of empty frames can be intriguing.

By juxtaposing refined and ordinary pieces you can create a stylish console table that is unexpectedly exciting. A little sparkle, a lamp to turn, a special place to put your keys, a fragrant plant, a place to display seasonal decor – your console table can have it all. Enjoy making it shine.






Photo Credit: http://scottmcgillivray.com

Raising six beautiful girls in our home, our family’s gotten a lot of practice planning a kid’s game or play room.

Unlike other rooms in the house, decorating for kids can be even more challenging because you need to design a space that suits their personality now but won’t be something they will outgrow too quickly. In addition, the room needs to flow with the rest of your house and not stick out like a sore thumb.

We get inspiration from several design “miracle workers” (many of which you may recognize from HGTV). Here are a few of our favourite design inspirations that mix style, practicality and fun!


When customers come into our Calgary furniture stores asking for ideas on how to create a practical game or playroom for their kids we often recommend they check out, “The Magnolia Story” by Joanna Gaines. Aside from sharing her family’s amazing story she does an amazing job describing how she carefully plans space(s) in her home for her kids.

Often times, we make the mistake of worrying too much about the design of the room and less about the functionality and true purpose of a playroom. On page 130 of her book she talks about the playroom for her kids and says:

“The whole place needed to be practical and functional for them so they could have fun and be themselves. It’s about children feeling that they can be at home”.

It’s important to remember to keep the design simple, functional, and fun! Check out the Joanna Gaines inspired space for kids below.


Another great resource is lifestyle expert, Elizabeth Mayhew, who understands the challenges and needs of decorating kids’ rooms. I recently came across an article she wrote for thestar.com and how you can spend time at your computer searching for some great ideas online to put your child’s room together efficiently and in a budget-friendly way! In her article about “Do’s and Don’ts for Decorating Kids’ Rooms” she also cautions against following current fads, designing the space to meet your personal needs, and keeping the design simple and uncluttered (for example, she advises narrowing down your fabric or furniture choices to two or three colours).


One of the most common questions we get asked from our customers when designing their kid’s rooms is, “Can you help me with storage ideas”. The space is where kids will want to have access to toys, arts and crafts, electronics and books. Without creative storage options to keep all of these things neat and tidy, yet easily accessible, the room could get out of control in no time!

The trick to accomplishing this is to creatively mix open and closed storage options to keep a space open and organized, too. For example, having shelving with closed doors and areas for wicker baskets to keep toys and art supplies easily accessible.

Scott McGillvray, real estate investor, skilled contractor, and award-winning HGTV series host, certainly knows about planning and putting together a kids playroom or game room that you will be proud to show off and that your kids will love to spend hours in every day. Check out the article on “Smart Playroom Storage Tips” at www.scottmcgillivray.com for more ideas.


ACTIVE PLAY FOR KIDS AT HOME - Calgary Furniture Stores

Photo Credit: http://sifu.thezoolegacy.com

Depending on where you live, the winters can be cold and stretch out for several months, keeping families indoors where it is safe and warm. This is the case for us here in Calgary, Alberta. Although it’s easy for kids to stretch and move outdoors in the summer time, where playgrounds and recreation areas are accessible, this is not always the case at home. If you have the space, putting a swing, small trampoline or climbing structure in the room is a great way to keep the kids active all year long.

We adore the four small structures in the picture below. They are creative, fun and add flair to any space!


Photo Credit: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com


In my opinion, every playroom needs a chalkboard wall. It gives your children a large area to be creative and let their minds explore through chalk (which is easy to clean and safe to use). In addition, chalkboard paint is inexpensive and offers hours of endless possibilities to let kids use their imagination. This helps to truly let your children be a part of designing out there space and keeping the area fresh and new, too! The best thing is, when your kids outgrow the chalkboard wall, you just paint over it!

Check out some of the ideas below from www.scottmcgillivray.com.


Photo Credit: http://scottmcgillivray.com

Photo Credit: https://julieloveshome.wordpress.com


Hopefully this gives you some insight and helps to provide some useful direction as you are planning out your kids game room or playroom. Just remember that the key to designing the space is to keep it simple, let it be a space that will evolve and grow with your kids … and be a place for the whole family to be proud of and enjoy!

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Whether you are staging, your home for sale or simply decorating for you and your family, one of the most important rooms you can focus on is the master bedroom. A retreat a relaxing peaceful place to begin and end your wonderful day! Sometimes we put this room at the end of our to-do list, concentrating on the public spaces of our home first.   But our souls crave an area of beauty and order.

By making your master bedroom a priority, you give yourself an oasis – just the tool you need to finish the other parts of your home. As the inner sanctuary of your home, your bedroom and should be a place of peace and rejuvenation. In the relaxing atmosphere of a well-designed bedroom, you can reconnect with who and what matters the most.  You can recharge and refresh.

Your bed should be cozy and well-structured to give you the night’s sleep you need to handle your busy days.  Enticing, easy-care bedding helps, as does a well-structured mattress big enough for you and your partner (and whatever little people might make their way to your room in the night).   If possible, there should be plenty of natural light, and adequate artificial lighting, too.  Even if you like waking up to a darkened room, there is nothing quite like the lift you get from opening blinds or curtains and letting sunlight flood your space.

 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Furnishing your bedroom should be fun and purposeful.  For your furniture,  rather than simply utilizing castoffs from other places in the home, choose pieces that are both beautiful and practical, ones that will not only help maintain order but will tell some of your story.  Once the main items are in place, consider choosing accessories, maybe whimsical and playful, that delight you and that you want to wake up to each morning.

Properly designed and decorated, your bedroom should remind you daily of the things that are really important in life and offer you a place of refreshment, a place that will welcome you at the end of the day.  By investing time to create a space where you can rest, dream, plan, giggle together and create bonds, you will enjoy your bedroom more and feel more connected to it.

You deserve to have a beautiful space!  We hope you have fun creating and styling your masterbedroom and transforming it into a place of rest!  We would love to see a pic of what you you done with your space.



Organizing Your Pantry

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, and the pantry is the heart of the kitchen, then we really need to make this space work for us.  I love having an organized pantry, and it isn’t as hard as you might think to make that happen.

The important part is to just start. Analyze what you buy and choose certain areas for different category of items.  Designating areas for snacks, weekday meals, baking, lunches, etc makes it easy to use up what you have and see what you need, not only saving money but cutting down on meal prep time.  Now that is a true win!

It makes sense to put items you use most often in areas that are easiest to reach.  Don’t overcrowd your shelves or you won’t be able to see what you have.  If you have an excess of certain items, you can store those in cabinets in the rest of the kitchen or maybe even the laundry room, garage or basement.  For goods staying in your pantry, you can achieve a classy look by using matching containers for your storage. Rectangular containers (glass jars, plastic bins, baskets ) make the best use of your space.  These can be as expensive or not as you please.
It’s the uniformity of the containers that will give you the correlated, high end, look you want.  Labeling the containers well will save you time and frustration and, with the variety of attractive labels available at craft and stationery stores, you are sure to find something that fits your personal aesthetic. Once your pantry’s all in order and you learn to keep it that way, you’ll be surprised how satisfying it is.