5 Ways To Make A Beautiful Mudrooms That Work

Do you have a busy family with kids that love to run in and out?  Do you have to figure out backpack, boots, shoes, hats and jackets?  Are you tired of your mudroom being a dumping ground and not a place that really works?  At Showhome furniture we feel your pain.  Not only do we have 6 gorgeous daughters of our own, we also belong to a very close large extended family.

To create a mudroom that works first decide exactly what that space needs to do.  Does it have to double up as storage space as well as the main family entrance?  If it doesn’t then make sure you get rid of anything that is not needed.

Next empty your mudroom so you can see what space you are working with.  A mudroom does not have to big in order to work hard for you.

Lockers are a great way of giving everyone their own space and holding kids accountable for that space.

Benches can double as a place to undo your boots, and store hats, mitts ect. . .

A good mudroom has hooks.  Hooks are a great way of keeping things off the floor and are easier than hangers-which is why you rarely see a mudroom without hooks.  The fun thing about hooks is that they can be as fancy and decorative as you want.

Baskets are a great way of separating item like mitts and gloves.  Make sure that your baskets are very strong.

Mirrors are a great item to add to your mudroom so that you can do that last check before leaving for the day and because they add beauty and light to your mudroom.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a few accessories, family photo’s or other charming accessories that are beautiful and show your family that they are loved no matter how busy life gets.



5 Tips For Organizing Your Entryway

Showhome Furniture knows that one of the first things that people see when they come to your home is your entryway.  This small part of your house plays a very important role and can set the tone for your home and help you keep the rest of your home organized and welcoming.

First, pick what color and feel you want in your entryway.  Your entryway should blend well with the rest of your home.  You can keep your decor simple and bright.

Just because your entryway is small, it does not mean you can throw in some great color and designer pieces

Because most entryways are fairly small, your entry is a great way to add beauty to your home with proper rugs, flooring or tiles.  This is a great space to splurge with expensive stone flooring or gorgeous wool rugs.

If you have room, bring in a beautiful narrow table to hold you keys, and mail.  Just make sure that there are drawers so that it does not become a catch-all for all junk that passes through your front door.

If you can not fit a table, consider putting in a bench.  Benches are great to have in an entry, making the space more inviting.

Lastly, make sure that you add some stunning art pieces to your entry way.

Once again, take advantage of the size of your entry and make sure the art you pick counts and really wow’s people!

If you don’t want to do art, a mirror is another great option.  Mirror reflect light and make even a tiny entry seem spacious!

Delighting The Child And Enticing Them Outdoor

Play is so important for all of us!  More and more research is showing the wonderful benefits of playing and the healthy effect it can have over a lifetime.  At Showhome furniture we have 6 beautiful daughters and we know the importance of play for children and adults alike.  We also know it is important for kids to play outside and fun playground equipment is great for enticing the kids off their devices and out into the sunshine. Even just hanging a comfy hammock will invite your kids to leave the house and enjoy God’s creations.

Most people don’t have enough land to create a separate play place for the kids and adult entertaining for the grown-ups.  With this in mind we went on a search to find out the best way to mesh adult spaces with play spaces and came up with some outstanding backyards that anyone would love to spend the day in.

The easiest playground equipment is to go to the local hardware store and buy a pre-made children’s playground kit.  These are not what we had in mind when designing our childrens play space and came up with a much better, natural design.

First pay attention to your local weather and seasons.  In Southern Alberta where we built our home, the wind is so wild that using canopies and anything not securely cemented in is just asking for it to blow away.  Once you know what can handle your climate, look for ways to create unique spaces in your yard that fulfill different functions.  You may want to create a corner for private talk outside.

Next look at nature.  The idea is to merge nature with play.

Nature is full of soft lines and different natural materials.  With our furniture, we have found that natural material tends to bring a warm and depth to our furniture that mass produced items just don’t have.  This firepit is great because it is a perfect gathering space, and when not use is a great place for kids to play.  Because it is sunken down lower than the other part of the patio, kids and adults alike will be drawn to this cozy space.

Living playhouses add magic and beauty to your yard as well as other cozy spaces to hide away.  These spaces can be elaborate or very simple as long as they give both children and adults a sense of being in a world of their own.

A tree house when built properly can add magic to both adults and children.

Hide the plastic elements within nature to downplay their presence.

Kids love water so any pretty water feature is sure to entertain them for hours.  Be sure to make sure that your water feature is sturdy and safe.

Kids love swings of all kind.  Hammocks and hanging chairs are a great for kids as well as adults.

Lastly, accessorize your yard.  Fill up the corners and spaces with little magical touches that both please the eye and delight the soul.  With these tips, you are sure to create a magical place for parent and children to play and reap all the benefit.



6 Items Every Pergola Needs

This warm weather is so enticing, and I love being outside.  In the summer I like to spend as much time as possible breathing fresh air and getting sunshine.  If you live in Calgary, breathing fresh air and sunshine have been a bit scarce due to massive forest fires all throughout BC.  I am going to hope that all these fires are quickly put out, and plan my perfect pergola to be enjoyed when the sun actually can show it’s face again.

A pergola is just another room to decorate and should be tackled in the same way you would decorate any room in your home.  Look at the space, add your big items, add the items that you want to showcase and then pull it all together with some great accessories.  Here are some great things to add to your pergola to make it truly another room to spend time in.

Curtains are such a fun thing to add to your pergola.  Pergola’s by design are lightweight and have no wall.  Curtains will make your pergola feel intimate and soften the hard wood or metal lines most pergola’s are made from.  Make sure your curtains are made with outdoor fabric for the longest lasting effect, but even sheer inexpensive curtains that last one season are worth spending money on.

At Showhome furniture we know that adding high-quality outdoor furniture is a must.  How can you enjoy a space without comfortable furniture to relax on.  Getting well-built outdoor furniture makes all the difference to your living space and will last for many, many years.

A great way to bring color into your pergola space is using outdoor beautiful cushions!!  Most stores will carry a variety of outdoor pillows to choose from, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, making your own cushion covers is very simple!

Proper lighting in a pergola is so important and can make it so you enjoy your space day and night.  You can string a few large strings of lights around your pergola, or a bunch of outdoor twinkle lights look gorgeous.  If you want to be fancy you can wire up a chandelier or hang a candle chandelier in the middle of your pergola.  Even battery operated candles will add romance, beauty and ambiance to your space.

Live plants are an awesome way of making your pergola feel enticing and delightful.  You can hang them in baskets, put them on the pole of your pergola, or have them in containers.

Plants, even fake plants, really can bring a whole space together in ways that nothing else can.

Now, the last tip Showhome furniture has for you, to help make your pergola one of the most ‘go to’ places in your yard is to add something to the floor!  You can add an outdoor rug, or interesting gravel if your pergola is not on a deck.  Real or fake grass is great or painting the floor is another way to liven up your space!

A Dream Window Bar On To Your Deck

I love the large outdoor entertaining places that some people create.  I love seeing the outdoor kitchen area’s, the outdoor fireplaces and luxurious dining area’s.  Unfortunately, an outside kitchen of that magnitude is not really within the reach of most of our budgets.

If you are like me and love to eat outside, and you have a window that opens into your backyard, a window bar may be the perfect way to cook and entertain outside while spending a fraction of the cost a full outdoor kitchen would.

First, the window needs to be a comfortable serving height.  Usually, this is around the 42″ mark.  If your window is a little higher than that you can either work around it, put in a new window or raise your deck to accommodate this height range.

Next, pick a window.  The folding windows are awesome but for some climates or high wind places, these will not work.  Talk to your local contractor to see what he suggests.

Once you have a window at the right height it is time to add a bar.  Your bar can be any material that is weatherproof.  Looking in local buy and sells is a great way to find a used high-end countertop.  Because your bar is small and a simple design, you will likely find many options that will work for you.

Now for the fun part, it is time to accessorize.  Treat your eating bar area similar to a kitchen dining area within your home, just make sure the accessories are weatherproof.

Plants also add a finished together look and feel to your outdoor eating area.

Once you have everything perfect, this is the time to have fun and invite people over to enjoy your new affordable entertaining area!!!


Creating Cozy Spaces On Large Decks

I always dreamed of having a large deck to entertain on.  I thought of all the parties I could throw and all the people that would fit on my large deck.  Finally, I was able to get a home that had a large deck off the kitchen.  I was delighted but soon realized that sometimes decorating a large space can be harder than decorating a small space.

At Showhome furniture we know that it important to balance things out, pick good furniture and define spaces in order to create the maximum entertaining space for your time and money.

deck furniture layout ideas

When I designed my deck, I found it easier to break my space up into different zones.  I had the eating zone and the sit back and chill with friends zone.  Sticking to just two different zones allowed me to also have enough room to move around and look out at the view even when there were many guests over.

For my eating zone, I opted for a gazebo kit to frame in and shade my guests while we ate and conversed.  If you live in a very windy location like a few of my sisters, you might not be able to get away with a box kit and may have to hire someone to come and build you a permanent structure that is windproof.

I learned the hard way when I lived in Southern Alberta near the foothills, that you must build according to the needs of your location.

For the visiting area, I just got a good quality sectional, a rug and a coffee table.

No living space inside or out is complete without accessories, and since we were creating an outdoor living space, I made sure that my deck was loaded with plants or different shapes and colors.

One thing I did not do, but many have is to add a fireplace or fire bowl because even though my deck was large, I wanted to leave lots of space for mingling guests and running children (who are often in large numbers at our gatherings).

What I did do though was add a lot of different candles and lighting to my space.  The mixed lights let me enjoy our deck even when the evening grows long and dark.

Whatever your deck size, decorating it properly is a must in order to realize it full entertaining potential.


Entertaining Big On A Small Deck


With summer halfway through, and hopefully a warm September coming up, having a great outdoor living space is one of those things that every family needs.  Spending time outside is great for your health and it is a wonderful way of letting your house take a break from all the activity that usually goes on inside.

At Showhome Furniture, we believe that your outside living space is just as important as your inside living space.

Not everyone can afford a large luxurious deck and that is okay.  There are a lot of things that you can do with a small deck that will entice even the most reluctant family member outside.

First, pick the theme that you want to focus on.  This is the fun part and there are so many options.  You can merge natural elements with the fun bright summer colors.

Or maybe you want to tie in some coastal elements into your deck.  Whatever your greatest desire is, your deck is a great place to express your creativity.

Once you pick your theme to add the furniture.  Pick Furniture that is comfortable but fits your space well.  A few larger chairs and sofa’s on your deck is okay to have, you just need to be sure there is space to comfortably move around.

Now here is my favorite part, buying the accessories.

Plants are great to add.  You can add potted plants or flower baskets.  Make sure you remember to water your plants regularly to enjoy their beauty all summer.

Don’t forget that even a small water feature is a possibility.

Just as a rug pulls a living room together, an outdoor rug is a great way to bring color to your deck.

Now the most important part of enjoying a small deck is to make the effort and actually go outside and chill.  If you need to keep a stock of yummy soda’s or snacks around to entice you out there, it is well worth the sacrifice (wink).

13 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Heart and Home!

So this month has been crazy busy for us!  I am sure many of you can relate.  With the weather finally warming us, but snow still threatening, I decided to take my whole family to Indonesia for a month!!!  Crazy right?!  Yes crazy but so worth it.Since this was my first big family travel trip, I wanted to make it special.  Of course I planned on hitting the beach and touring local furniture stores, meeting some of my suppliers personally.  As Sannie and I talked about it though, we realized that we wanted to get a little more out of this time.  With a business that grows as fast as our, you never know when the next month-long window is going to present itself.  We really wanted to do something that would serve or uplift others.  Since Sannie loves singing with the girls, we decided to see if we could arrange a few singing concerts at local churches.  We had no idea how to do this so we started asking around.After many question we were hooked up with this amazing guy who made all the arrangements.  This has been the best fun ever!!!  We have loved every moment and all the wonderful people we have met.  We are nearing the end of our trip.  We have loved the sun and waves, but are anxious to get back to our own Canadian paradise. Luckily my mother who adores gardening, has been working some magic back home in which we have heard many rumors of, but she refuses to send us any pictures.  That is okay.  As she works wonders in the garden, I am dreaming and planning of all the great ways I can bring spring into my indoor.First, before I even think of bringing something into my home, I have to clean out.  Now that I have lived for a month in Indonesia and seen so many incredibly happy people with so little, I am even more determined to do a thorough house clean before I even start decorating.  I am going to go through my whole house and getting rid of extra clothes, shoes, toys and even my house accessories.  I just did this around Christmas time so it should be easier, but I am guessing that my tolerance for stuff is going to be even less than it was before because of this trip.  I realize that I need a lot less stuff than I thought I did.

After you have your home decluttered, take time to clean it thoroughly.  If you have some money saved up, hire a professional.  It will be easier for them to make your home sparkle after you have gotten rid of all your random stuff.  If you are like me, just divide the house up into area’s and get your kids to help you do the spring cleaning themselves.  Hard work is good for kids 🙂 !

When your house is clean from clutter and dirt, this is the perfect time to refreshen all the bedrooms and switch your heavy quilts over to lighter ones.  Make sure you have an extra throw available for those chilly spring nights.

Wall decor is fun to switch around and play with.  It is an easy way to bring in Spring.If you are like me and want to lighten up your home go for light colored accessories.  The dark wall will be off-set by your light accessories.

Bring a little bit of nature into your living room by using nature to inspire you.  A fireplace mantel is the perfect place to start.

Unique containers with potted flowers or succulents are a perfect way to add a breath of fresh air into your spring decor.

Or even hang the flower from the ceiling!  Who wouldn’t want this in their room to remind them of all the gardens that summer brings?

Now is the time to repaint a wall.  Look around and see what room or wall you have always wanted to repaint and just do it!  You can paint it a classic white or be brave and bring in some great bright colors to welcome spring with a bang!!!

Wreaths are not just for Christmas.  Just pop by Pier 1, or Homesense and you will have a ton of wreaths to choose from.  Or if you wanted, you could make your own!  With so many flowers to pick from at your local craft store, you will be delight with your results I am sure.

Since you have just purged your home from all your un-needed stuff, now is a great time to see if you need to freshen up your rugs.  With the mud and snow from winter, my rugs take a beating.  Since I usually take a ton of things to the thrift store each spring, I do not feel bad in the least about bringing in something beautiful and useful as a new spring rug.  Decluttering and decorating is a balance between what you need, want, and don’t need.

In the spirit of refreshening, check out those bedrooms again.  Do they need a pillow swap to something brighter?  Also, maybe you don’t need a many as you did in winter when you were Hygge’ing.  Remember, you aren’t going to be spending as much time inside (hopefully) as you did in the winter-decorate accordingly.

Check out your curtains.  Do they need to be switched out for lighter brighter ones.  It is amazing how just changing your curtains can make your whole room feel larger and more open, even in a bathroom.

It will still be a few weeks until we return to Canada, but when I do, you can be sure I am going to be excited that I am returning to Spring and not the endless Winter we had this year 🙂 !


5 Simple Decorating Tips For Decorating Your Cabin

Are you one of those lucky people who own their own cabin that they can use to just get away from the world?  If you are, you know that it can be a challenge to decorate it in a way that is easy to maintain, as well as beautiful.

At Showhome furniture we know that struggle well.  Each day we are rearranging furniture into small mini rooms to help inspire our clients.  We realize that decorating these small spaces take as much thought or more as decorating a larger home.

The first thing to realize when decorating your cabin is that because you won’t be living there on a daily basis, you won’t be needing as many things.  Being conscience of what you allow into your cabin is vital.  Your cabin needs to have the essentials and should not have too many extras. Extra’s create more clutter, are usually not used enough to make them cost effective and cause more work to clean up.  Keeping your things to a minimum will greatly improve the time you spend in your cabin.

Next be careful about your furniture choice.  Getting furniture that is well built and made with natural products will help them last longer.  At Showhome Furniture we offer a 5 year furniture protection plan.  This protection plan is something every cabin owner should consider, especially those who own a cabin by water.

When you are on a vacation rules tend to be bent, and nothing can wreck furniture more than wet sandy kids sitting down on new furniture.  Even well built furniture can benefit from the protection plan, helping make each dollar you spend on your cabin last long.

In a cabin you naturally chose smaller furniture because the rooms in cabins are usually smaller than a regular house.  While it is wise to choose smaller furniture, freeing up more space for moving around, do not worry if you find the perfect large chair or other piece of furniture.  A few larger pieces can help make a small room feel special and inviting.

When choosing what to decorate your cabin with think of the following questions:

1. Do I need this?

This question helps provide you a framework to help you make a better decision on what you should or should not bring into your cabin. As we identify what we need and don’t need, we are able to better choose things that will be useful and bring us joy, as well as say no to the things that will just clutter our cabin and vacation time.

There will definitely be things you will be tempted to decorate your cabin with that you don’t need.  When you find that you are dealing with something that fits this category it is the perfect time to ask yourself the second question, why do I have this?

2. Why do I have this?

With this second question, we are encouraged to analyze more deeply our relationship with our stuff and how they are a part of our lives.

Often you will be surprised at the answers you will come up with to the question of “Why do I own this?”

Many people have found that as they take time to thoughtfully decorate their cabins, that their cabins truly become the little bit of peace and quiet that help us get away from the stresses of life, and allow us to function at our best.

6 Steps To Staging A Gorgeous Bookcase

No home is complete without a bookcase.  Without a bookcase, where would you put all those lovely books that must be read one day?  At Showhome Furniture, we are believers of reading but we must admit, bookcases can get messy awfully fast, especially when you have kids.  We also know that bookcases can hold oh so much more than just books!

Here are some of our top tips to being able to create a beautiful bookcase that invites you to read, but is easy to keep looking attractive.

For your best look remember the rule of thirds.  One third books, one third space, and one third carefully chosen accessories.

Next figure out what is going to be your anchor piece of decor for each shelf.  They should not be too small or your bookcase will look cluttered.  Stagger your anchor pieces on the shelves.

Once your anchor pieces are in,  fill your bookcase up with your books!!  Be creative with your books.  They can stack horizontal or vertical.  As you are filling your bookcase, take this time to get rid of any old, boring, or ripped books.  A bookcase looks best when it is not filled to overflowing.  A fun idea is to turn your books backwards so only the white pages show.  This makes is hard to find a book fast, but really looks great.

Fourth, add some smaller tasteful accessories in between the books.  Make sure the collectibles are varied and unique.  Create loose symmetry by placing them in groups.  Accessories of similar sizes and shapes are perfect for grouping.  Make sure you add interest by stacking accessories.

Fifth layer smaller accessories in front of some of the books and larger accessories.  Framed pictures and quotes are great for enticing visitors to come closer and look longer.

Lastly, stand back and admire your work.  Too often I think we work hard and forget to just take a moment to step back and appreciate all that we have created.  I have learned that taking a moment to pause and appreciate what I am doing can make all the difference.  Afterall, why go through all this work to make a great looking bookcase if we don’t take time to look?