7 Ways To Bring Add Coastal Decor To Your Home

I was born on Vancouver Island.  When I was 13 my parents took all their kids (eight in total) on to a boat and we sailed to the South Pacific, living there for four years.  I graduated high school and went to a small University in Hawaii.  You could say that the ocean is a little bit in my blood.

I love Calgary.  I love the busy energy, the different people from all around the world and all the fun things there is to do in Calgary.  I love working at Showhome Furniture with it’s diverse customer base, and city vibe.  Sometimes, however, I do miss coast and so with this in mind, I thought I would share with you are few things that I like to do to add abit of the Coastal vibe into my home, no matter where I live.

First, I look at the furniture I have.  The coastal look usually involved softer colors and worn out beach looking furniture.  If you have an older piece of furniture that could use a new life, now is the time to bring out you paint brush.  A few quick coats of white paint can drastically change your furniture into a brand new item.

Second look at your walls.  Repainting your walls is easy and very affordable.  It is truly amazing how just a change in paint color can alter the feeling of a whole room. 

Remember that just because you are doing a beach theme, it does not mean you have to be shy about color.  There are plenty of bright beach theme idea’s.

After you have chosen your wall color, and also whether you are going to go bright colors or light colors, now is the time to add any new piece of furniture that you might need.  You do not need to replace all your furniture.  At Showhome in Calgary we have a ton of gorgeous furniture pieces that would go perfectly with the coastal theme.  We love the weathered, loved, and well built look and tend to bring them in when ever we can.

The great thing about a beach theme is that it ties in many different kinds of furniture nicely together.  Just assess what furniture you already have, and what if anything you could get to really make your room special.

Get a Rug!  Some people do not realize the importance of a rug.  A rug has a way of holding all the furniture in place.  It is a way of making your room feel lived in, loved, and inviting.

The fifth thing you can do to help tie in the coastal theme is add pictures on the wall or maybe highlight a wall with pallets.  The weathered wood look is very coastal.Next, look for a few light colored, or shell inspired decor items.  A chandelier is a perfect place to tie in the beach theme.   Lastly, accessorize.  Add curtains if you want to, or pillows on the couch to help tie in all the colors and add to the them.  Don’t over do it.  You want your place to feel well dressed but not cluttered. 

Shells and colored glass jars are great accessories.  So are items such as driftwood, or stones.  At Showhome Furniture, we have a whole assortment of different accessories that will help you add those important finishing touches to your rooms.

Do you have a favorite tip for bringing a little bit of the beach into your home?

6 Steps To Bringing Your Room Together

Bringing all your furniture together to make room work can be difficult to do at times.  At Showhome Furniture in Calgary we have to deal with this issue all the time.  We bring in furniture from all around the world and specialize in Canadian made product as well.  With all these different kinds of furniture to work with, we have a ton of experience in creating the perfect space for every room of your house.

Realizing that others might struggle with this concept, we have asked some of our designers what they thought was the easiest and most efficient way to bring a room together.  One of the top suggestions that they made was to find the perfect rug.  A rug can add warmth and coziness to any room, no matter how big the room is.  A rug also has the ability to help bring a room together in a way that is completely unique.

First you need to consider the size of rug you need.  There really are not rules as to what is the perfect size of rug for a room.  

Some people like to make sure that a rug is big enough for the front feet of the furniture to sit on it, and others like it to be a pretty island in the middle of a room or at the end of a bed.  You need to just try and experiment to see what works best for you.Next you need to consider what color would work best with the furniture you have.  If there is already a lot of color in your room, you may want to just pick one color to match the rug with, or go completely neutral so that your rug does not compete with the furniture.

If you you don’t have a lot of color in your room, you need to choose a rug that has colors and patterns that work with what items you already have.  

You may need to adjust a few items like curtains or pillows, but those are usually quite easy to do, and you will have a ton of options.  You need to make sure that your rug works with your wall color and flooring.

At Showhome, we are constantly switching up our pillows and rugs to help people see how different furniture can work well in many different rooms.

If you ever need any help or inspiration of your own, come down to Calgary’s Showhome Furniture and ask our designers what they would do.  They are experts in this area and are always happy to help you find the perfect way to tie all your furniture together in a beautiful way.


5 Amazing Statement Ceilings That Anyone Can Do

If you have been prowling pinterest, or checking out the web, you will see a ton of posts and picture on “Statement Ceilings”!  In the past people used to do ‘statement walls’ but this year we are all setting our sights higher!!

At Showhome Furniture we totally understand the new excitement for creating a ceiling that people can not easily forget.  After all, once the ceiling is done, you don’t have to worry about washing it (at least not too often), having it get banged up or scratched.  Unfortunately some of those ceilings, as cool as they look, are not realistic for the majority of us to pull off.


After spending a ton of time researching, we came up with 5 amazing Statement Ceilings that anyone can do.

The first is painting your ceiling one color (besides white).  This is by far the simplest way of adding an extra “Wow” to your room.  It makes people look up and feel as if they are in a whole new world, instead of just a normal room with a white ceiling.

Painting the ceiling one color is great and fairly uncomplicated, but if you want to go a step further, consider painting the ceiling in more than one color.  You can do a simple pattern or more complex stenciling.  Remember that you are painting a ceiling so everything you do is going to be harder than if you were doing it on a wall.

If painting isn’t your thing, you can always wallpaper the ceiling!

If you choose to wallpaper you are lucky because there are so many different kinds of wallpaper that the possibilities are endless.

If you are not afraid of doing some simple cuts with wood, covering your ceiling with either weathered barn wood, or new pine is simple, and stunning.

The last idea to add more interest to your ceiling is stick-on ceiling tiles.  They can be pricey, but are so easy to use. 

All you need is an x-atco knife, a measuring tape and the tiles.  They are usually made out of light thin plastic that has a sticky back.  My sister did this in a small dining area she had and looked fabulous!

DIY Hanging Plants Five Minute Craft

Are you like me and loving the latest trend in hanging plants???  I totally love the way a plant can make any room feel fresh and invigorating.  I think when those plants are hanging, I can’t get over how cute they look.

My sister-in-law is redecorating her home and incorporating the Hyyge design throughout her home, which includes hanging plants.  Here is a the cute tutorial on what we whipped up yesterday!

First decide if you want to do living hanging plants or just silk ones.  We choose to go with the silk plants because she has 5 active boys and didn’t want to have to worry about watering her plants.  Succulent plants are all the rage so we decided to go with those.

If you are doing non-living plants then all you will need are: Twine, a cute container to put the plants in, fake moss and your plant of choice.

Cut two pieces of twine about 30 inches long and tie them to the handles of your container.  Make sure they are tied so that the length on each side is equal because otherwise your plant won’t hang evenly.

Next fill your container with your fake moss.  Be generous, the green showing through the glass is all part of the look and charm.

After the container is filled with moss stick in the plant of your choice.

Lastly hang your plant.  The cool thing about hanging plants is that they can be hung in so many different places.  I hung ours in our bathroom wall on hooks.

Another great place is in a corner.  Just make sure there is a secure hook to hang them from.


5 Ways Of Creating The Craft Room Of Your Dreams

Creating something new is such an exciting event.  With new creations, comes new vista’s and new ways of doing things.  Sometimes it is hard to remember how great creating is when we are spending all day at work.  Much research has been done on the benefits of having a hobby.  Whether you collect insects, or like to sew in your spare time, having a room to contain your hobby is a great bonus.

At Showhome Furniture, we try to help each of our customers pick out the perfect furniture for each of the rooms in their homes because we know that the right furniture can make all the difference.

At Showhome, we are excited about letting our children explore their passions, interests and crazy crafty side.  Many years ago, we decided to homeschool our kids in order to help tailor their education to their strengths.  Home schooling 6 girls definitely has it’s challenges, but looking at my 16 year old daughter I can honestly say that it has been worth all the challenges.

First decide where to do your hobby.  Is it an outside hobby or an inside one.  Most crafters would appreciate a room with lots of space to keep their supplies and allow them room to work.  A good desk or table is invaluable.

My sister has a 10+ year old kitchen table we gave her.  It is gigantic and has room for all the kids to work on their projects together.  It was one of the earliest furniture pieces that Showhome used to carry and even after 11 kids using it regularly it is in incredible shape.  We joke that well made furniture like her table will outlast everyone in the family!

A great craft room will have a lot of storage and room to contain all their mess.  This lets you work on a project for a few hours and then leave it without being in your way for the rest of the time.  Some key elements in a successful craft room is organization.  Having great bookcases, dressers to hold pens and paper, and adequate storage units are a must.

Third, make sure your craft room is inspiring.  We love a room that is painted in bright colors and full of windows.  We have found that not only does natural light make a room look great, it also is a great way to feel naturally happier.

Forth, a comfortable place to sit is a must.  A nest chair or a comfy couch is perfect for a craft room.

Lastly, accessorize your craft room to make learning funner. I love a craft room that is accessorized with useful looking product.  A gorgeous clock wall (that you can set to different places in the world) antique globes, and wall maps add an exciting feel to creating.

We all know that hobbies are fun, at Showhome Furniture we believe that great creation are made in great spaces.



Super Easy DIY Serving Platters Under 10.00

 At Showhome furniture we are always arranging and rearranging our tables to help showcase their beauty.

I am always on the outlook for some new unique accessory or furniture to bring into our store.Recently I was visiting my mother showed me an easy way of creating my own unique but gorgeous serving dishes.  These serving trays are the perfect thing for even a beginner do-it-yourselfer to try.All you need are some dishes, candle sticks, spray paint, and E 600 glass glue.I am using a large dinner plate and a bowl on top.  This is perfect for veggies and dip, or a fancy fruit platter.  I am also doing one platter that has a large plate on the bottom and a smaller plate on the top.  I bought all my dishes and candle sticks at the local thrift store.  The glue and spray paint I bought at my local craft store.  It would have been cheaper if I did not spray paint my candle sticks but have left them clear-which looks pretty as well.

First, spray paint your candle sticks all the same color (or you can skip this step if you want)Next, turn the largest plate over and glue the base on to the large plate.  I used smaller candle holders for one base, a shot glass for another and an used ceramic vase for the last.  Make sure your base is centered in the middle of you plate.  Leave and let dry for 24 hours.When your plate is dry, flip your plate over and glue one candle stick into the middle of the plate.  Carefully glue the bowl or smaller plate onto the top of the candlestick.  Let dry for 24 hours.Once your serving platter has dried for 24 hours you can use it like any other serving platter.  You can hand wash it, but be careful when you do so.  Make sure you used indoor/outdoor spray paint so that the spray paint does not wash off.So for under 10.00 and with very little skill, you can create your own gorgeous serving platter that will surely wow your friends.


Last Day To Win A Nest Chair And 10 Awesome Home and Decor Trends We Love!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!

To celebrate this wonderful holiday of Love, we have put together 12 awesome trends that Showhome Furniture loves and an opportunity to win an incredible nest chair of your own!!!

To have a chance of winning your own nest chair, all you have to do is comment on our Nest Chair post by the end of today.  Winners will be picked at 7:00 tonight!!!  Hurry and participate, these nest chairs are seriously the best!!!  We love them so much that they are our most purchased item, and the item we give away the most at Showhome Furniture.

With our nest chair, we also love the new and unique furniture we bring in daily and the amazing 5 year warranty that you can get with each and every piece you purchase from us.  We love hunting out the deals and bringing in one of a kind furniture for every room of your home and want to make sure your furniture is protected against accidents!  Many of furniture pieces can be customized for a small fee.

We LOVE the amazing new lights and chandeliers we have been getting in recently.  The right light makes all the difference in a home.  At Showhome Furniture we make sure that the lights we bring in are of the highest quality.

We love the new trending colors, especially black!  I recently painted one of my dining room wall a nice solid black.  I was worried at first it would be too intense but was delighted by the results.  The cherry red, ultra violet and pinks are a fun addition to the decorating world.  The thing we love about these new colors is the way they encourage us to be bolder in our decorating.  There is no holding us back this year!!!

Talking about not being held back-what about the new ‘feature ceiling’ trend?  It is about time that ceilings got more attentions!  This year feature ceilings are a totally in thing and after browsing the internet for ideas it is easy to see why!  Seriously, why have we not paid more attention to our ceilings before???  From wallpapering to beaming your ceiling, the sky is the limit on what you can do!

With six girls in our home, it is no wonder we adore cuddly couches and chairs (hence our love for our nest chair).  Our basic leather couches continue to sell our at Showhome furniture.  They come in so many different styles, and truly hold up to the test of time, kids, and lots of use (plus, if you get the 5 year warranty, you are even protected against stains).

Also with so many daughters, we have to admit that we all love our pillows!!!  They are the perfect accessory to dress up a living room when you have kids.  They are virtually unbreakable, you don’t have to worry about dropping them, they add color easily to your furniture instantly updating them and they are great for having pillow fights with!  Well, at our home I discourage the pillow fights, but my husband. . . well let’s just say that he is always up for anything that seems fun!The seventh thing we love at Showhome Furniture in Calgary is extra large accessories like this awesome clock!!!  There is something impressive about being big!We also are still loving our cow carpet!  How can something so light weight make such a big statement?  I don’t know why, but no matter the color or the pattern, we have found a hundred different ways incorporate a cow carpet into our decorating.

We love our awesome line of solid wood furniture.  With so many colors to choose from,so many different finishes and just as many different designs, every house needs a piece or two of some solid wood furniture.

Some things always stays on our “Love List” and white furniture is one of those.  We love our whites.  We love colors, and decorate boldly, but we also love to use our classic whites.  They are fresh, inviting and never go out of style.

Last but not least, we love our line of tuft furniture!  Many pieces are custom made and every piece adds a sense of elegance to whatever room they grace.What is your favorite decorating trend?






6 Romantic Bedrooms Anyone Can Do

Creating a romantic bedroom starts with the bed.  At Showhome furniture we sell a variety of custom made beds.  The above tuft bed starts at 1599 and comes in over 200 different fabrics.   With Valentines Day coming up, we decided to show you all how to add a little romance into your bedroom through decor.  Whether single or married, Anne Of Green Gables taught me long ago that romance brings magic into our lives.

First add soft lighting.  Twinkle lights, delicate chandeliers, and candles are a great way to create a cozy atmosphere.

Even just adding a dimmer switch to existing lightswitch is an easy inexpensive way to create ambiance to your sleeping space.  At Showhome Furniture, we bring in new lines of light fixtures all the time so that our customers always have something unique they can add to their homes.

Make sure your pillows are plentiful, soft and different textures.  The long hair lambs wool pillows are my favorite.  Getting a variety of different colors and textured pillows will create a cozier feeling than if you get just the same kind.

Add a sign to the wall to let the world know how much you love each other.  At Showhome Furniture, we not only carry a large line of awesome pillows and accessories, we also have a ton of different signs and art pieces that can be used in every room of the house.

Make sure you have a few throws to cuddle into.

A throw allows you to just sit and read on your bed without having to un-make it.  It is the perfect solution to people like me who like to work in their bedroom.

A thick rug by the side of your bed not only feels nice to your feet, it also add an extra layer of comfort and luxury.

I especially like to have a rug by my bed if my bedroom doesn’t have a carpet, but even if it is carpeted, a smaller thick rug is a nice touch.

Lastly, hide a stash of chocolates in your room.  Nothing makes you feel more spoiled than being able to cuddle down into bed while reading a good book and eating delicious chocolate!!!


Win A Nest Chair For Valentines Day!!!!!

Are you looking for a wonderful gift for your sweetheart this Valentines Day?  Are chocolates getting old (well, in our reality we can’t imagine chocolate getting old) and flowers mundane???

Well we have the perfect gift for any home and any occasion-


This nest chair is awesome.  It is the perfect size for piling two or three bodies on as they read stories together, or just talk.

This nest chair fits in all rooms.  They are great for the bedroom to cuddle up on and read a book, for the living room or a cozy den.  Where ever you want to Hyyge, you need a nest chair.

The nest chair comes in a plethora of different colors to match your decorating style perfectly.

At Showhome Furniture, we love having contests!!!  If you would like to WIN a nest chair from Showhome Furniture, just comment below and tell us where you think your new nest chair would look the best!!!

We will be picking a winner on February 14th at 8:00!  If you want to be the lucky winner make sure you comment below BEFORE February 14th!!

Even if you don’t win, you should pop on by Showhome Furniture and see what other great treasures you can bring home to your sweetheart this Valentines Day!!


7 Fun Ways To Get Ready For Valentines Day

I ran into the store to grab some food for my kids and my eye caught a bright red heart that was for sale.  It caught me by surprise, with Christmas just being over, and then I remembered Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day.  With six daughters, love, romance, pink and candy is definitely something that our family goes all out for!

Not everyone is wanting to add streamers and hearts to their kids doors, but even those who are a little less outrageous with their decorations can prepare for this special day.

Here are seven simple ways to bring Valentines Day into your decor.  When done properly, you may not want to take them down when February 14th is over.

First, add a comfortable chair to your living room.  Everyone should have one in their living room anyways, but if by chance you do not have one, this is the time to get one.   At Showhome Furniture our number one selling chair is our nest chair, and it is a perfect addition to any room.  If you don’t have a comfy chair to cuddle up to and can’t get one at this time, don’t despair, our next suggestions do not require any such large purchases.  If you do get our nest chair, remember to get our hassle free 5 year no hassle warranty.  Also, remember to check out our facebook page regularly, as we love to give nest chairs away!!

The easiest thing is to do to add love into you living room is to grab some pink, red or gold pillows for the couch.  Be bold and go for the extra soft pillows, after all this is the season of love, laughter and cuddles.  Remember, Valentine pillows do not have to be hearts.  The idea is just to add a bit of pink or red into your existing decor.

Next grab a soft luxurious blanket.  It doesn’t have to be bright pink if it doesn’t match your decor, go for something more subtle.

Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to buy a delightful soft rug that you can use all year round.

Once you have a few special pillows, a cozy blanket, a thick rug, it is time to bring in some flowers.  Flowers are beautiful any time of the year, but sometimes we forget this.  Our Showhome Furniture tip, buy the flowers a week before the big day since flower bought on Valentines day are going to be double the price come February 14th.

The next tip for celebrating Valentines Day is something my kids LOVE!!!  It is the Hot Cocoa Bar!!!!!  Who doesn’t love an excuse to make themselves a sweet drink, and there is something about sipping cocoa that makes us slow down and savor the moments, and after all that is what Valentines Day is really about, savoring the amazing people you love in your life.

Lastly, add in some hearts and candy!!!

What are your favorite ways of celebrating Valentines Day?