Nursery Rooms That Grow With Your Child

At Showhome Furniture we love unpacking a new crate of furniture from around the world.  We work hard to find treasures in Canada and abroad.  You just never know exactly what is going to be coming in each crate, how it will measure up and whether or not our customers will love it.  It is kinda like having a baby-not really, but just like we love a new crate of furniture, we also love the idea of getting ready for a new baby!!!  Having had 6 babies of my own, I know what I am talking about.

When planning for a new baby it is important to think long-term.  Your sweet baby is not going to be a baby forever, so it is wise to spend time and thought on how to make your hard work of decorating their room last for as long as you need it to.

Of corse every nursery needs a crib!  There are cribs in furniture stores all over the city that fit everyone budget.  Personally, we would suggest you not spend too much money on the crib as it will not be need after a year or two.  It would be more economical to buy a basic crib and spend money on other furniture like a nest chair.

A nest chair is perfect for so many rooms but especially a nursery, then toddler room, where mom and dad can cuddle up with baby to read a book or sing a song.

Some people are concerned about getting new furniture for childrens rooms.  We, at Showhome Furniture realize this, and that is why we offer an affordable no hassle furniture plan.  With a good furniture plan you are able to buy knowing that your investment is secure. In addition to our protection plan you are sure to find some great deals at Showhome Furniture as we are constantly having furniture sales.

Getting a classy dressers for baby clothing is important.  When my sister had her first baby she spent hours painting Peter Rabbit all over it.  It was adorable, and took a long time.  Unfortunately only a few years later the dresser was outdated and broken.  Had she bought a basic but well-built dresser like my other sister did (I have 5 sisters) then even five or six later the dresser would have been in great shape and versatile enough to have been used in the kitchen, the living room, the baby’s room, and lastly the teen-agers room.

Beyond a dresser, most nurseries would benefit from some additional storage units. Bookcases are great as well as little caddy’s.  Some fear that bookcases are and caddy’s are boring, but with the great selection at Showhome Furniture, you are bound to find something that suits you perfectly and are far from boring.

These are some of our essentials for an amazing nursery.  If there are somethings that we missed (after all it has been a few years since I have had a baby), please let us know.


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