7 Ways To Bring Add Coastal Decor To Your Home

I was born on Vancouver Island.  When I was 13 my parents took all their kids (eight in total) on to a boat and we sailed to the South Pacific, living there for four years.  I graduated high school and went to a small University in Hawaii.  You could say that the ocean is a little bit in my blood.

I love Calgary.  I love the busy energy, the different people from all around the world and all the fun things there is to do in Calgary.  I love working at Showhome Furniture with it’s diverse customer base, and city vibe.  Sometimes, however, I do miss coast and so with this in mind, I thought I would share with you are few things that I like to do to add abit of the Coastal vibe into my home, no matter where I live.

First, I look at the furniture I have.  The coastal look usually involved softer colors and worn out beach looking furniture.  If you have an older piece of furniture that could use a new life, now is the time to bring out you paint brush.  A few quick coats of white paint can drastically change your furniture into a brand new item.

Second look at your walls.  Repainting your walls is easy and very affordable.  It is truly amazing how just a change in paint color can alter the feeling of a whole room. 

Remember that just because you are doing a beach theme, it does not mean you have to be shy about color.  There are plenty of bright beach theme idea’s.

After you have chosen your wall color, and also whether you are going to go bright colors or light colors, now is the time to add any new piece of furniture that you might need.  You do not need to replace all your furniture.  At Showhome in Calgary we have a ton of gorgeous furniture pieces that would go perfectly with the coastal theme.  We love the weathered, loved, and well built look and tend to bring them in when ever we can.

The great thing about a beach theme is that it ties in many different kinds of furniture nicely together.  Just assess what furniture you already have, and what if anything you could get to really make your room special.

Get a Rug!  Some people do not realize the importance of a rug.  A rug has a way of holding all the furniture in place.  It is a way of making your room feel lived in, loved, and inviting.

The fifth thing you can do to help tie in the coastal theme is add pictures on the wall or maybe highlight a wall with pallets.  The weathered wood look is very coastal.Next, look for a few light colored, or shell inspired decor items.  A chandelier is a perfect place to tie in the beach theme.   Lastly, accessorize.  Add curtains if you want to, or pillows on the couch to help tie in all the colors and add to the them.  Don’t over do it.  You want your place to feel well dressed but not cluttered. 

Shells and colored glass jars are great accessories.  So are items such as driftwood, or stones.  At Showhome Furniture, we have a whole assortment of different accessories that will help you add those important finishing touches to your rooms.

Do you have a favorite tip for bringing a little bit of the beach into your home?

6 Steps To Bringing Your Room Together

Bringing all your furniture together to make room work can be difficult to do at times.  At Showhome Furniture in Calgary we have to deal with this issue all the time.  We bring in furniture from all around the world and specialize in Canadian made product as well.  With all these different kinds of furniture to work with, we have a ton of experience in creating the perfect space for every room of your house.

Realizing that others might struggle with this concept, we have asked some of our designers what they thought was the easiest and most efficient way to bring a room together.  One of the top suggestions that they made was to find the perfect rug.  A rug can add warmth and coziness to any room, no matter how big the room is.  A rug also has the ability to help bring a room together in a way that is completely unique.

First you need to consider the size of rug you need.  There really are not rules as to what is the perfect size of rug for a room.  

Some people like to make sure that a rug is big enough for the front feet of the furniture to sit on it, and others like it to be a pretty island in the middle of a room or at the end of a bed.  You need to just try and experiment to see what works best for you.Next you need to consider what color would work best with the furniture you have.  If there is already a lot of color in your room, you may want to just pick one color to match the rug with, or go completely neutral so that your rug does not compete with the furniture.

If you you don’t have a lot of color in your room, you need to choose a rug that has colors and patterns that work with what items you already have.  

You may need to adjust a few items like curtains or pillows, but those are usually quite easy to do, and you will have a ton of options.  You need to make sure that your rug works with your wall color and flooring.

At Showhome, we are constantly switching up our pillows and rugs to help people see how different furniture can work well in many different rooms.

If you ever need any help or inspiration of your own, come down to Calgary’s Showhome Furniture and ask our designers what they would do.  They are experts in this area and are always happy to help you find the perfect way to tie all your furniture together in a beautiful way.