5 Tips For Decorating A Minimalist Living Rooms

There is something so refreshing with clean lines, open spaces and bright rooms. This is one reason why decorating with a minimalist style is so popular. At Showhome Furniture we love accessories and the perfect furniture to help show off your spaces. Our furniture is perfect for a minimalist budget and style sense.

If you are struggling to create a minimalist space in your home don’t hesitate to call us at Showhome Furniture to book a free one hour consultation with our top designers. We love helping our customers create beautiful spaces within their homes. Spaces that reflect who you are and match your lifestyle.

First, declutter as much as you can. Get rid of accessories that you do not love. If you are hanging on to something sentimental, feel free to pack it up and put it in the attic, or better yet, take a picture and then donate it to another loving home.


Once all your shelves are cleaned off, cupboards cleaned out, and surfaces uncluttered, the next thing is to repaint your walls. Repainting is a very inexpensive way of bringing new life to old spaces. Even if that was all you did, your living room would feel new. Make sure to pick light colors that really brighten up your home.

Now consider your furniture. If it is old, or too big or they are too busy for your new minimalist style don’t be afraid to sell them and budget for something new. Look for furniture that has simple straight lines and is well built. Choosing quality over quantity is a perfect way to live the minimalist values.

Adding a simple rug with simple designs is a great way to pull the whole room together. Your rugs, though often overlooked, really helps to provide comfort without losing the clear uncluttered feeling.

Lastly, add accessories. Only add what you need. Pick accessories that have clean lines and basic colors. Accessories are a great way of adding interest to your room. Remember to add texture and color so your living room doesn’t look plain and bland. A few pillows, side lamps, and bookshelf accessories can change a boring uninviting room into a beautiful space that fills your soul.

As you follow our top designer tips for creating a peaceful, clean, bright minimalist style, we hope that you are able to decorate your living room in a way that really reflects the minimalist lifestyle. If you have any questions at all, give Showhome Furniture a call. We offer a free one hour design consultation with our top designers.

Picking The Perfect Rug

A carefully chosen area rug is one of those items that really can pull a room together in the perfect way. It is also a great way of changing the style and feel of a room without a lot of expense. With so many different options you are sure to have fun with rug shopping as long as you keep a few important design tips in mind.

If you are at all uncertain or would like help in choosing a rug, or any design need that you might have, feel free to contact us at Showhome Furniture. At Showhome Furniture we specialize in helping our clients pick the perfect product for their home. We also offer a free one hour consultation for our clients where we help you deal with whatever design issue you might have. Please call us if you would like our help.

First, consider your budget. It is important to choose a rug that is the best quality that your money can buy. It is worth going rugless for a short time to save for a rug that will withstand the traffic that you will definitely put it through.

Next, in choosing a rug consider the size of the room that you are putting the rug in. Choose a rug that is about 2 feet smaller than the shortest wall. In hallways you should see about six inches of the floor.

Rugs are fun because they do not have to be a certain shape or size. Our cow rugs are very popular to under coffee tables and at the foot of a lounge. Our larger rugs are great to go under beds, dining room tables and pretty much anywhere you can think.

You can choose a more neutral rug to soften the look of your room, or a rug that has pops of color that adds interest to your design.

Rugs are so important to a room design. They add an extra layer of texture that draws your eye in more and excites your brain. Rugs are comfortable. They add cushion to your feel and are great to sit on. The warmth of a rug is great for offsetting hardwood, cement or tile floors. The add an artistic flair to whatever room they are incorporated into.

Branching Out! Including Greenery In Your Home Decor!

Summer is bursting full of flowers and trees just delighted to be alive again and feeling the warm summer sun — not only do our spirits burst open and invite growth, so does the outside world create in abundance natural beauty. At Showhome Furniture, we believe that creating a beautiful space is an art, and we love to learn from all master artists, especially nature.  With Lilacs growing in an abundance, and roses starting to open, we would be remiss if we didn’t use some of this beauty in our decorating style.

If you would like to learn how to incorporate more of nature in your decorating style, feel free to call our expert Showhome Furniture designers. They are experts in their field and spend hundreds of hours decorating out of all types of material. Our designers are here for you. We offer free design consultations for all our customers.

Here are some of our designer’s favorite tips on including nature in your decor.

First plants. You can buy silk plants if you are like my mom and always forget to water real ones. High quality plants can help bring greenery into your room and gives the occupants the illusion that the inside is part of the outside. Our souls really love nature and so do our eyes.

Next, use high-quality wood furniture whenever you can. Wood furniture has softer lines and hints of walks in the forest and fresh air. At Showhome Furniture we have a variety of solid wood furniture that is perfect for any home. We also do custom Canadian made orders, so call and let us help you.

You can use nature in a vase or container. This is perfect for alive plants, flowers and fresh cut branches.

Another way of bringing outside indoor is to use shells, driftwood, and rocks in your accessories. Bookcases and coffee tables are the perfect place to exhibit your treasures and gifts from the earth. Just make sure you remember that less is often more and that there is an art to accessorizing so that it looks gorgeous and not cluttered!!!

Last Day To Win A Nest Chair And 10 Awesome Home and Decor Trends We Love!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!

To celebrate this wonderful holiday of Love, we have put together 12 awesome trends that Showhome Furniture loves and an opportunity to win an incredible nest chair of your own!!!

To have a chance of winning your own nest chair, all you have to do is comment on our Nest Chair post by the end of today.  Winners will be picked at 7:00 tonight!!!  Hurry and participate, these nest chairs are seriously the best!!!  We love them so much that they are our most purchased item, and the item we give away the most at Showhome Furniture.

With our nest chair, we also love the new and unique furniture we bring in daily and the amazing 5 year warranty that you can get with each and every piece you purchase from us.  We love hunting out the deals and bringing in one of a kind furniture for every room of your home and want to make sure your furniture is protected against accidents!  Many of furniture pieces can be customized for a small fee.

We LOVE the amazing new lights and chandeliers we have been getting in recently.  The right light makes all the difference in a home.  At Showhome Furniture we make sure that the lights we bring in are of the highest quality.

We love the new trending colors, especially black!  I recently painted one of my dining room wall a nice solid black.  I was worried at first it would be too intense but was delighted by the results.  The cherry red, ultra violet and pinks are a fun addition to the decorating world.  The thing we love about these new colors is the way they encourage us to be bolder in our decorating.  There is no holding us back this year!!!

Talking about not being held back-what about the new ‘feature ceiling’ trend?  It is about time that ceilings got more attentions!  This year feature ceilings are a totally in thing and after browsing the internet for ideas it is easy to see why!  Seriously, why have we not paid more attention to our ceilings before???  From wallpapering to beaming your ceiling, the sky is the limit on what you can do!

With six girls in our home, it is no wonder we adore cuddly couches and chairs (hence our love for our nest chair).  Our basic leather couches continue to sell our at Showhome furniture.  They come in so many different styles, and truly hold up to the test of time, kids, and lots of use (plus, if you get the 5 year warranty, you are even protected against stains).

Also with so many daughters, we have to admit that we all love our pillows!!!  They are the perfect accessory to dress up a living room when you have kids.  They are virtually unbreakable, you don’t have to worry about dropping them, they add color easily to your furniture instantly updating them and they are great for having pillow fights with!  Well, at our home I discourage the pillow fights, but my husband. . . well let’s just say that he is always up for anything that seems fun!The seventh thing we love at Showhome Furniture in Calgary is extra large accessories like this awesome clock!!!  There is something impressive about being big!We also are still loving our cow carpet!  How can something so light weight make such a big statement?  I don’t know why, but no matter the color or the pattern, we have found a hundred different ways incorporate a cow carpet into our decorating.

We love our awesome line of solid wood furniture.  With so many colors to choose from,so many different finishes and just as many different designs, every house needs a piece or two of some solid wood furniture.

Some things always stays on our “Love List” and white furniture is one of those.  We love our whites.  We love colors, and decorate boldly, but we also love to use our classic whites.  They are fresh, inviting and never go out of style.

Last but not least, we love our line of tuft furniture!  Many pieces are custom made and every piece adds a sense of elegance to whatever room they grace.What is your favorite decorating trend?