Creating A Stunning Master Bedroom

Whether you are staging,your home for sale or simply decorating for you and your family, one of the most important rooms you can focus on is the master bedroom.  Sometimes we put this room at the end of our to-do list, concentrating on the public spaces of our home first.   But our souls crave an area of beauty and order.  By making your master bedroom a priority, you give yourself an oasis – just the tool you need to finish the other parts of your home.

As the inner sanctuary of your home, your bedroom and should be a place of peace and rejuvenation.     In the relaxing atmosphere of a well-designed bedroom, you can reconnect with who and what matters the most.  You can recharge and refresh. If you are having trouble turning your master bedroom into this oasis, give Showhome Furniture a call. We love helping our customers with their designing needs and offer a free one-hour design consultation with our top designers.

Your bed should be cozy and well-structured to give you the night’s sleep you need to handle your busy days.  Enticing, easy-care bedding helps, as does a well-structured mattress big enough for you and your partner (and whatever little people might make their way to your room in the night).   If possible, there should be plenty of natural light, and adequate artificial lighting, too.  Even if you like waking up to a darkened room, there is nothing quite like the lift you get from opening blinds or curtains and letting sunlight flood your space.

Furnishing your bedroom should be fun and purposeful.  For your furniture,  rather than simply utilizing castoffs from other places in the home, choose pieces that are both beautiful and practical, ones that will not only help maintain order but will tell some of your story.  Once the main items are in place, consider choosing accessories, maybe whimsical and playful, that delight you and that you want to wake up to each morning.

Properly designed and decorated, your bedroom should remind you daily of the things that are really important in life and offer you a place of refreshment, a place that will welcome you at the end of the day.  By investing time to create a space where you can rest, dream, plan, giggle together and create bonds, you will enjoy your bedroom more and feel more connected to it. 

Sleeping in your bed can make you feel cozy and relax. How warm you feel in a room relies on where you are, despite the fact that air temperature is the similar throughout. You will experience a warm ambiance if you place yourself nearer to the interior of the room for the reason that freezing external surfaces are further away. So consider placing your bed or chair next to an internal wall.

Maximize sunlight with banks of windows added to the south side of your bed to absorb the most light and warmth daily. On the north side of the bedroom, windows need to be minimal. Each position differs in terms of glazing, so talk to your contractor to get advice on the specifics of your own bedroom ideas.

Another substantial determining factor for a well design space is utilizing it for your own comfort and satisfaction. Master bedrooms have to be of good size with spa-like functions such as a Jacuzzi to conquer the weather and give a romantic setup for couples.

If you have any questions on what you can do to create an amazing master bedroom, give Showhome Furniture a call and book your one-hour free design consultation.

5 Of Our Best Home Office Design Tips

Every day, more and more people are working from home. With Covid, global unrest and amazing technology, working from home are becoming more and more desirable. Even if you don’t have a job that requires you to work from home, everyone should have one (or more) little corners set aside in their home for creating, working, and dreaming.  This can be a reclaimed secretary that holds pride-of-place in your living room, or a small desk tucked under a window at the end of a hall.  It can even be a space that you have to share with others and other functions from time to time, like part of the dining room table or a counter in the laundry room.  

All of us have correspondence we need to take care of and having a place and system for mail, bills etc is crucial to our people of mind.  If your house lacks a formal office, you might find that your bedroom offers you the peace and isolation you need for creative writing.  By casting a critical eye over each area of your home, you will likely find spots that will work for your family. In limited space, you could use a fold-down desk or a rolling table.  Bookshelves are great in almost any room, not only for favorite reading material but to help keep records, files, and current projects all in one place.

These spaces help your home function as it should by creating a place for you to do your work, whatever it may be, in private.

To design your perfect office space, first take stock of your home and the spaces you have available to you. Do you have a spare bedroom, and little used mud room or even larger than normal laundry room. In one of my sisters home, she turned her walk-in Pantry into a small family office and it works great.

If you are having a hard time deciding where to put your home office, give Showhome furniture a call. We offer a free one hour consultation with our amazing top designers to help you with your toughest designing questions. We can do the meeting over zoom so distance is not an issue.

Once you have decided on your space, think about the style and feel you want your office to feel. Do you want it to have a cozy old fashion den feel, or more airy light country feel. Starting off with a clear vision of the space and how you want the end results to be makes designing a whole lot easier. It helps you narrow your purchases and maximize your space and money better.

Now think about the furniture and what it needs to do. If your space is small, be careful in choosing furniture that can double up as storage as well.

Use bookcases, or wall storage shelves. Not only are very helpful but they take up a lot of wall space but little floor space.

Lastly accessorize thoughtfully! Walls decor is an excellent way of adding interest while taking up no floor space.

Even if you’re not a super-organized person, you probably like a measure of order so that you don’t become a stressed-out disaster.  Choosing furniture pieces that are both beautiful and functional (and scaled to your space) will ensure your office space meets your needs.  If you liven it up with favorite finds and eclectic decor pieces, you’ll find yourself enjoying being there even if you don’t enjoy what you have to do.  

5 Ways Of Creating The Craft Room Of Your Dreams

Creating something new is such an exciting event.  With new creations, comes new vista’s and new ways of doing things.  Sometimes it is hard to remember how great creating is when we are spending all day at work.  Much research has been done on the benefits of having a hobby.  Whether you collect insects, or like to sew in your spare time, having a room to contain your hobby is a great bonus.

At Showhome Furniture, we try to help each of our customers pick out the perfect furniture for each of the rooms in their homes because we know that the right furniture can make all the difference.

At Showhome, we are excited about letting our children explore their passions, interests and crazy crafty side.  Many years ago, we decided to homeschool our kids in order to help tailor their education to their strengths.  Home schooling 6 girls definitely has it’s challenges, but looking at my 16 year old daughter I can honestly say that it has been worth all the challenges.

First decide where to do your hobby.  Is it an outside hobby or an inside one.  Most crafters would appreciate a room with lots of space to keep their supplies and allow them room to work.  A good desk or table is invaluable.

My sister has a 10+ year old kitchen table we gave her.  It is gigantic and has room for all the kids to work on their projects together.  It was one of the earliest furniture pieces that Showhome used to carry and even after 11 kids using it regularly it is in incredible shape.  We joke that well made furniture like her table will outlast everyone in the family!

A great craft room will have a lot of storage and room to contain all their mess.  This lets you work on a project for a few hours and then leave it without being in your way for the rest of the time.  Some key elements in a successful craft room is organization.  Having great bookcases, dressers to hold pens and paper, and adequate storage units are a must.

Third, make sure your craft room is inspiring.  We love a room that is painted in bright colors and full of windows.  We have found that not only does natural light make a room look great, it also is a great way to feel naturally happier.

Forth, a comfortable place to sit is a must.  A nest chair or a comfy couch is perfect for a craft room.

Lastly, accessorize your craft room to make learning funner. I love a craft room that is accessorized with useful looking product.  A gorgeous clock wall (that you can set to different places in the world) antique globes, and wall maps add an exciting feel to creating.

We all know that hobbies are fun, at Showhome Furniture we believe that great creation are made in great spaces.