Branching Out! Including Greenery In Your Home Decor!

Summer is bursting full of flowers and trees just delighted to be alive again and feeling the warm summer sun — not only do our spirits burst open and invite growth, so does the outside world create in abundance natural beauty. At Showhome Furniture, we believe that creating a beautiful space is an art, and we love to learn from all master artists, especially nature.  With Lilacs growing in an abundance, and roses starting to open, we would be remiss if we didn’t use some of this beauty in our decorating style.

If you would like to learn how to incorporate more of nature in your decorating style, feel free to call our expert Showhome Furniture designers. They are experts in their field and spend hundreds of hours decorating out of all types of material. Our designers are here for you. We offer free design consultations for all our customers.

Here are some of our designer’s favorite tips on including nature in your decor.

First plants. You can buy silk plants if you are like my mom and always forget to water real ones. High quality plants can help bring greenery into your room and gives the occupants the illusion that the inside is part of the outside. Our souls really love nature and so do our eyes.

Next, use high-quality wood furniture whenever you can. Wood furniture has softer lines and hints of walks in the forest and fresh air. At Showhome Furniture we have a variety of solid wood furniture that is perfect for any home. We also do custom Canadian made orders, so call and let us help you.

You can use nature in a vase or container. This is perfect for alive plants, flowers and fresh cut branches.

Another way of bringing outside indoor is to use shells, driftwood, and rocks in your accessories. Bookcases and coffee tables are the perfect place to exhibit your treasures and gifts from the earth. Just make sure you remember that less is often more and that there is an art to accessorizing so that it looks gorgeous and not cluttered!!!

5 Steps For Creating A Bright Basement

One of the most underused spaces in most homes is the basement. Often dark, and harder to get to, the basement is usually overlooked and under appreciated. With real estate being expensive and renovations costly, it is well worth your time to invest in making your basement more inviting.

Showhome Furniture realizes that learning to design a space properly is hard to do and takes hundreds of hours of practice. With our huge furniture store having to redesigned constantly as our inventory is constantly changing, our designers are experts in what they do and want to help you. Showhome Furniture provides a free design consultation with all our customers. Call today to book yours!

Today Showhome Furniture is going to help you change your basement into beautiful space that everyone wants to spend more time in.

First look at the wall color. Is it dark? A dark wall color will make the whole room look and feel smaller. A light paint color on the wall will help make your basement feel more open and spacious. This typically is one of the easiest, cost efficient ways of making your basement more inviting to your family members. As humans we tend to appreciate brightly lit places.

Second, see if there is a way to open up your basement more. Often just being able to knock out a wall (make sure you check with a contractor to make sure it is not a load bearing wall) or two will make a world of a difference. My sister has a pretty open basement but recently she took out a wall that separated her basement kitchen to the living room. The difference was immediate and amazing! Everyone comments on how bright and spacious just that one little change made it feel.

Next, declutter. Nothing wrecks the look of a room than tons of nick nacks and clutter. When you declutter, you free up emotional and mental space as well. This automatically makes your room more enjoyable and relaxing to be in.

Add mirrors! Mirrors are a great way to make any room brighter, especially your basement. At Showhome Furniture we have a ton of different types of mirrors that you can use to reflect the light that is already in your basement and make it brighter.

Another thing you can do to make your basement brighter is to add more lighting to it. You can do this by getting an electrician in to actually add more lights in the ceiling or you can just buy a bunch of beautiful floor and table lamps. This extra light will create a space that feels big and spacious.

The last thing that you can do to turn your basement into a well-used and loved space is to get properly sized furniture. Having furniture that is too big or too small in your basement will throw people off and will make your basement feel less inviting. At Showhome Furniture we do custom Canadian made furniture for every room of the house. If you are worried about what size or type of furniture that would look great in your basement, give us a call. We do do free design consultations for our customers so that their dollars are spent in the most efficient way possible.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to have your basement working for you!

Stunning Canadian Made Showhome Custom Furniture

I was visiting my sister recently and marveling at her 100-year old house and all the fine details that each room possessed.  I was amazed at the craftsmanship displayed throughout her home. The high ceilings and the handmade moldings around the windows were details that added beauty and functionality to her space without calling too much attention to themselves. 

As we chatted I noticed her dining room chairs.  They were the same chairs that my mother had in her home and raised all her 11 children with.  They were beautiful and when, out of curiosity, I asked how old they were I was delighted to find out that they were more than 50 years old and layered with almost as many layers of different paints to match the latest trends.  These were good solid chairs. 

They were definitely a good investment as sometimes it is hard to find wooden chairs that will last 5 years!!

This is why at Showhome Furniture we do what we do.  We have worked hard to find good quality furniture that can withstand the rigor of today’s active family from a local company.  Not only do we want the best furniture, we also want furniture that has been built with love, attention to detail and in the most ethical way possible and one that supports our local Canadian industry.

At Showhome Furniture we are transparent about where our furniture comes from and who it is that builds it.  Just as we don’t take shortcuts with our furniture, we do not run a business at the expense of our employee’s lives, or at the expense of our customers wallet!

We love them because they are quality through and through, and did I mention that they are made right here in Canada?  That means that your hard-earned money stays in our country benefiting more than just your home at each purchase.

At our custom Canadian made furniture factories, it is obvious that they have been raised with good honest Canadian values and this shows in their workmanship.  Not only are their furniture stunning, beautiful enough to grace the nicest home, but they are also truly a quality work of art that when stripped down one can see is made to last throughout the ages.  Corners are reinforced with blocks, staples and then glue making their pieces solid. 

Their wood frames are made of a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and thick CNC engineered plywood parts that give accuracy and precision every time.

Showhome Furniture knows that buying new furniture is an investment and we don’t take your investment lightly. 

We endeavor to do everything that we can to ensure that every piece of furniture that you purchase from us is something that will last throughout the years.

Call us if you would like Showhome Furniture design team to help you pick the best furniture for your space.  We will work with your existing furniture to help you create the home you always wanted.

Why Showhome Furniture Buys Canadian Made Furniture!

Showhome Furniture is one of the top furniture stores in Calgary. It is family run and owned and as a family owned business, we appreciate our local customers incredibly!

This is why, as one of the top Furniture stores in Calgary we are passionate about supporting other quality local companies and getting as much of our furniture from Canada as possible.

Our Canadian furniture is made from the highest from the highest quality materials and built to last whatever your family throws at it.

With six rumbustious daughters, and all their friends, we know that it is important to have furniture that will last through the years. Sofa’s to cuddle on, beds to sleep on and chairs to visit in.

Our Canadian made furniture has definitely stood the test of kids, and throughout the years looks just as good as it did when we first brought ours home.

At Showhome, we also know that each family and their needs are different. There are no other family out there that looks like ours, and none that looks like yours! This is why we offer a free design consultation from our top designers to come in and help you discover the best options for your home and to understand what your needs are. Our designers will work with your existing furniture and accessories and help you find other items that will help complete your look and work in a way that is perfect for your family.

We also provide custom made furniture to meet the needs of our individual customers. Whether you need a smaller than normal couch or larger than average sectional, our team will work with you to help you create a home that you will love being in-even during pandemics!!

Call us today to book your free design consultation and ask about our Canadian made custom furniture!

Getting Professional Design Help For Free!

When you need help with your health we all know to go to our doctors. Going to a good doctor saves us time, money and helps us get healthier faster.

When we are needing advice on building, we all know to call a contractor who specializes in the type of work our project requires. A good contractor will know where we can save money on our project and they will suggest different options to help us get the very best results in the end. A good contractor can save us thousands of dollars because they are an expert in the field and know things that we can’t possibly know.

Few of us though, when thinking of designing and decorating our homes think to call a professional designer in. We don’t usually think about doing this because a designer usually cost a lot of money and we think that their service is a luxury.

Just like a good doctor and a good contractor can save us time, money and improve our health and well-being (by saving us stress) a good designer can help you save money and bring great satisfaction into your life. Our homes are one of our most important places to be. It is in our home that we connect with those we love, we rejuvenate our souls and come up with the idea’s and skills to reach our dreams. If there is any place in our lives that we should be reaching out to a professional, it is in helping us create a space that reflects our core beliefs and desires in life.

At Showhome Furniture, not only do we specialize in Canadian made furniture, we believe in helping our customers create that space in their homes that can help them become the best you possible. We know this takes work, knowledge and experience.

We also know that you work hard for your money and we want to help it go as far as possible. This is why, at Showhome Furniture we provide a free design consultation to our customers.

Our top designers, having spent thousands of hours designing are available to come and help you create the most beautiful home possible. They work with your existing furniture and accessories. They will help you arrange your furniture so it flows better and creates cozy places to talk, eat and just relax. Our home is where we raise our daughters.

We know how important it is to be suited for our individual lifestyle and we want to help you create this space for your family. Call us! You deserve it!

3 Tips On Creating A Stunning Living Room

Hello my lovely friends!!! Have you ever gone into someone’s house and been just wow’d by their living room? Some people think that in order to create a stunning space in their home, that they need a lot of expensive furniture. At Showhome Furniture, we know that this is not the case. Great design starts with just a few principles that will turn a hum-drum space into an unforgetable room.

If this seem intimdating don’t worry. Showhome Furniture has your covered. Did you know that we offered our clients a free design consultation by our top designers? We do it because we realize that with the help of professionals anyone can have a home they love being in.

Our designers are the same ones we use to create so many stunning spaces in our Showhome Store. Honestly, if you are struggling to figure out how to make your space awesome, please give us a call. We want to help.

Here are three of our top tips for creating an awesome living room space.

First pick a focal point for your living room. This could be your fireplace, an awesome coffee table, or stunning view.

Next use your focal point to create a place for intimate conversation. As pretty as a room is, the real magic in a living room is being able to talk and connect with those we love. Take into consideration of the traffic flow in your room. Also, a tip we have learned is that pulling the furniture away from the wall creates a more inviting space than if they they are pushed right up against the wall.

Lastly, using a rug is a great way of accessorizing the floor and creating a cozy defined without walls, leaving your space feeling open, spacious and intimate and cozy at the same time.

If you would like some more idea’s on how to use your existing furniture and accessories to create awesome spaces in your home give us a call for your free design consultation from Showhome Furnitures top designers.

Showhome Furniture specializes in Canadian made furniture and custom pieces created just for you!

5 Farm House Designs

Beautiful farmhouse decor is a classic that we never seem to wary of. With it’s rustic furniture, warm color tones and earthy textures it feels as if we are just right at home the moment we walk in.

At Showhome Furniture we specialize in solid furniture that goes perfect in every home, especially within a farmhouse styled home. We love to help our customers take their decorating style up a level with our free 1-hour design consultation from our top designers.

Here are 5 tips to turn your home, no matter where you live, into a bit of farm charm. As Aaron Prittchett says “everybody’s got a little dirt road in ’em”

First, check out your colors! Farmstyle uses lots of soft neutral colors. This allows you to set the stage of your home as warm and inviting. Choose warm grey, cream or tan and keep all your walls the same color to carry the theme throughout the whole house. Just painting your house a neutral color will totally change the feel of your home.

Second, for an inexpensive farm update add diamension and texture to your walls. You can do this by putting up shiplap, wainscoting or beadboard on your walls. This extra layer adds interest and charm to the room. Start small and add it to one room at time!

Be bold and mix new and old! We love mixing new and old together in furniture and accessories. We love upcycling and repurposing our furniture. It is amazing how many old tools can be used successful as an accessory.

Farmstyle loves wood! Wooden furniture and accessories, even lights. Wood is nature, long lasting and warm, three things that represent the farmhouse style perfectly

Lastly, don’t overlook your light fixtures. There are ton of brilliant DIY or boughten light fixtures that can really bring the whole farm house feel all together.

I hope this helped you, and if you need any other advise with designing rooms in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free 1-hour consultation from our top Showhome Furniture designers.

5 Marvelous Ways To Use Modern Design In Your Home

Modern design has simple clean lines that are comfortable and cozy. It is not limited to a specific style or era and can be used in any house. Today Showhome furniture is going to give you five awesome tips from our highend designers to help you incorporate modern design in your home.

First, be smart and save yourself time and money by booking a free 1-hour design consultation from our amazing designers. We love helping our customers work with their existing furniture and spaces to create a beautiful home. During your consultation, we will go over these 5 elements of Modern design and help you use them in your home.

Use Neutral Paint Colors For Walls!

In modern design, the colors used on the wall are calming and neutral. These neutral wall colors immediately brings peace to a room and enlarges the space to make it feel more expansive. Shades of grey and white works good.

Use Industrial Materials!

The modern design style was born during the advancement of industrial materials such as steel, glass, and concrete. For this reason, these elements are used often in the modern design homes and in the furniture and accessories that you use.

Declutter Your House

The modern look is famous for it’s clean and uncluttered room and spaces. This includes your countertops, walls, mantel and other visible surfaces and area’s in your home. With modern design, less is more and so trinkets and accessories are very limited.

Use Bold Art

With neutral wall colors, modern design allows for bright bold colors art pieces to bring interest to your spaces and invite you in. Using primary colors is common for art on the wall and in rugs.

Use Simple Streamline Furniture

One of the most important elements of modern design is the simple streamline furniture. The wonderful thing about modern furniture is that there are so many different types of streamline furniture that you have a ton of choices and options.

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate more modern elements in your home but just don’t know how to do it, give Showhome furniture a call and book your free 1-hour design consultation today!

5 Fabulous Ways To Incorporate Transitional Design In Your Home!

Transitional design is one of the hottest new ways of designing your home and for good reason! Simply put, traditional style is an engaging blend of contemporary and traditional design elements! This mix creates an attractive sophisticated space that is inviting and warm. It blends the straight lines and curves, incorporates texture and smooth finishes to create a peaceful orderly and intriguing space.

The first element of transitional design is color.

The colors in traditional design are softer neutral colors, allow the furnitures colors and lines to be showcased. Some of the top colors are grey, taupes, tans and vanilla. Remember that each of these colors come in a cool tone or warm tones.

Next is the furniture.

If there is one thing we know and love at Showhome Furniture, it is furniture! Transitional design focuses less on the more ornate solid wood furniture and uses more of the straight and streamlined furniture. This lends your space to looking fresher and more orderly.

Lighting is an important part of transitional design

Light fixtures for transitional design are simple, sophisticated and have a minimalistic feel. They are practical and beautiful. They tend to be less fancy, but not as simple as modern ones. They blend curved and straight lines and incorporate natural material like wood and natural fabric.

Mixing textural elements is important.

Transitional design is similar to modern in how clean and uncluttered it is, but it adds more warmth and interest by mixing a variety of textural elements together. Wood, glass, fabric, metal, and plants give the room a sense of variety and interest the eye, without feeling cluttered and disorganized.

Lastly, to finish off your traditional design look, add accessories. Unlike boho, or traditional design, the accessories are kept to a minimum but each have a very useful, beautiful purpose. Art work is incorporated but usually larger pieces are picked over smaller ones.

If you want more information on transitional design don’t hesitate to call Showhome Furniture and ask. We offer a free 1-hour design consultation to all our customers and would love to hear from you!

5 Design Tips To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and immediately felt like it was a home? I have and every time I do I pay attention to what it is about their house that makes it feel more cozy and inviting.

Here are some great tips from our Showhome Furniture designers, created just for you! Remember, if you want a free design consultation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Helping our customers create stunning spaces that brings you happiness is our number one goal.

First, pay attention to the color of your walls. A lighter more natural color is perfect for a cozy feeling. Make sure it is a warm color. Colors like grey are normally considered cool colors but there are tons of warm greys tones out there to choose from.

I have noticed that homes where natural wood is used in their decor naturally feel cozier. Nature really has a soothing effect for people and being able to use it in furniture and accessories is a perfect way to invite people in. At Showhome Furniture, we love wood. You will find that our solid wood tables, couches, chairs and accessories are one of our favorite things to sell. Each piece is unique and it lasts a long time.

Rugs are a perfect accessory to cozy up a room and fill it with warmth. I love the thick shaggy ones as well as the less shaggy wool rugs.

Layering your home with texture helps to intrigue your eye and causes you to feel more at home and connected to the space you are in. Our brains like mystery, and when you bring in different textures you are causing your brain to stick around to discover all the layers.

Lastly, bring in plants! Plant, whether living or artificial, have a way of tying a whole room together. It’s color and texture fill in spaces and add ambiance to your home.

I would love to hear about your adventures in creating a cozy home! Also, don’t forget that Showhome Furniture offers free design consultations to their customers.