5 Ways To Update Your Home Library

The library! An often overlooked or even non-existent room in your home. With smart phones, and computers, home offices, and work offices, the library has suffered a huge decline in popularity until recently.

Recently, with zoom calls, stay-at-home orders, and public libraries closing, the home library is enjoying a renewed interest in it’s existence. As we turn our attention to this room, there are few important things designers keep in mind. Today we are going to discuss 5 simple ways of creating the best library space. If you want additional help in decorating your library, give us a call and book a free one-hour consultation with our top designers.

The first thing you need to do is to find where your plan on putting your library. Will it be in it’s own separate room, in a lesser-used room of the house or even a cozy little nook. All your home library needs is some bookcases and cozy chair-and lots of lovely books of course.

Once you have a location, the most important part about creating a library is the bookcases. Because bookcases are carrying heavy loads, you want to make sure that you avoid the flimsy bookcases sold at local box offices. Solid wood, sturdy well-made bookcases are a must. I have found that those that opt for the cheaply made bookcases often are spending more to replace them a few years later.

Next look for a comfortable chair or couches. It is no fun having a deliciously large bookcase full of lovely books without having a comfortable spot to curl up and a read a book. Make sure, before purchasing couches or chairs that you test them out. You want the furniture in your library to be inviting and wonderfully comfortable.

Good lighting is very important in a library. If you dream of cuddling up to read about your favorite heroine, it is a must that your lighting is well-thought out. Reading with poor light can strain your eyes and can make it harder to concentrate. There are an abundance of library worth lightings options out there from desk lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers.

We all know that books are vital in a library, but one thing we don’t always consider is accessories. Books are cozy, just by nature, but adding well thought out accessories can turn a reading nook into a home. Some simple accessories are pillows for couches and beautiful wall art.

Lastly, consider your rugs. Rugs are just the floors way of welcoming you into its space and inviting you to stay. You can get deep plush rugs, or simpler vintage rugs. What ever you choose, make sure that the colors are accented in accessories.

8 Great Ways Of Designing The Perfect Console Table

Who doesn’t love a console table?  It’s such a useful piece of furniture, it adds storage and style to a narrow space in a foyer or tucks up nicely behind the back of a sofa. I rounded up several favorite examples of console tables that add both beauty and practicality to space. I noticed many commonalities in the way that they’re styled with layered objects, here’s a list of “no-fail” objects to gather on yours too.

Branches or Botanicals. One of my favorite things from nature to add to any vignette are branches. In any season, they are tall and sculptural and reach up high into vertical wall space adding organic appeal. But anything botanical works on a console table and adds that “something living” element such as a small vase of flowers or a collection of succulents or a just a few yard clippings from a favorite perennial.

Baskets. Baskets fill the negative space below a console table and add desirable texture. They also bring the benefit of extra storage: linens in a dining room, wood in a living room, shoes in an entry. etc.

Lamps. Singular or in pairs, lamps add the obvious: light! Or better yet, dimmer light than overhead chandeliers for greater ambiance. A great lamp will also be statuesque on your console if its base is curved, faceted, colorful, or alluring in some way. 

Books. New or old, a stack of hardcover books is always appealing on the interesting topics of travel, architecture, history, or design. In a community space, make them ones that visitors will want to thumb through during their stay.

with mutually enriching juxtapositions of refined and ordinary pieces.with mutually enriching juxtapositions of refined and ordinary pieces.A master of illusion, the artist illustrates, once again, that deceptive appearances can be unexpectedly exciting. I love having a lamp to turn, place to put our keys, light a candle so it smells yummy when you walk in, and a little space to decorate when the holidays approach!  So here’s the final outcome….

Mirrors. If your console table is against a wall, prop it with a mirror or hang one above. Mirrors serve two functions, they’re decorative and they pull light into a space, win win! 

Art Collection. Variety is the spice of life as they say and it applies to the gallery wall too. A collection of art puts your personality on display and allows you to get creative by varying both the frames and/or content above your console table.

Distinctive Pieces. A console is a great spot for your unique pair of carved animals or an interesting collection of objets d’art, they’ll be visible to admire for all who pass by   

Personal Mementos. Your home is your haven, it should reflect who you are and the life you lead. Lamps and books and art are all lovely but it’s those little things like family pictures that make a house a home. Include them in your console table styling!

5 Tips For Decorating A Minimalist Living Rooms

There is something so refreshing with clean lines, open spaces and bright rooms. This is one reason why decorating with a minimalist style is so popular. At Showhome Furniture we love accessories and the perfect furniture to help show off your spaces. Our furniture is perfect for a minimalist budget and style sense.

If you are struggling to create a minimalist space in your home don’t hesitate to call us at Showhome Furniture to book a free one hour consultation with our top designers. We love helping our customers create beautiful spaces within their homes. Spaces that reflect who you are and match your lifestyle.

First, declutter as much as you can. Get rid of accessories that you do not love. If you are hanging on to something sentimental, feel free to pack it up and put it in the attic, or better yet, take a picture and then donate it to another loving home.


Once all your shelves are cleaned off, cupboards cleaned out, and surfaces uncluttered, the next thing is to repaint your walls. Repainting is a very inexpensive way of bringing new life to old spaces. Even if that was all you did, your living room would feel new. Make sure to pick light colors that really brighten up your home.

Now consider your furniture. If it is old, or too big or they are too busy for your new minimalist style don’t be afraid to sell them and budget for something new. Look for furniture that has simple straight lines and is well built. Choosing quality over quantity is a perfect way to live the minimalist values.

Adding a simple rug with simple designs is a great way to pull the whole room together. Your rugs, though often overlooked, really helps to provide comfort without losing the clear uncluttered feeling.

Lastly, add accessories. Only add what you need. Pick accessories that have clean lines and basic colors. Accessories are a great way of adding interest to your room. Remember to add texture and color so your living room doesn’t look plain and bland. A few pillows, side lamps, and bookshelf accessories can change a boring uninviting room into a beautiful space that fills your soul.

As you follow our top designer tips for creating a peaceful, clean, bright minimalist style, we hope that you are able to decorate your living room in a way that really reflects the minimalist lifestyle. If you have any questions at all, give Showhome Furniture a call. We offer a free one hour design consultation with our top designers.

4 Tips To Updating Your Industrial Style Home

One of the more dramatic and memorable styles of decorating is inspired by the warehouse or urban loft. It is called the Industrial style and is very trendy and popular, especially in cities where spaces are smaller.

The unfinished, rawness of the elements used in decorating the Industrial style appeals to people from all generations. It is a timeless style that is easily updated and switched around to look new while keeping its old timeless feeling. Often you will see exposed brick, ductwork, and unpainted wood. Renovated lofts, attics or basement work great to incorporate the Industrial style.

High ceilings, hanging metal lights, simple furniture are some of the main elements of Industrial decoration. If you are struggling to figure out how to adapt the Industrial style to your home please feel free to call Showhome Furniture and book your FREE one hour design consultation from our top designers. It is our pleasure to help you create a home that is full of unique spaces that you love.

First, look around the room you are decorating. What old authentic elements of your home do you want to showcase? Are there some bricks, or ducting that you can use to bring the industrial feel in your home with more power? If you don’t have any Industrial features in your home that is totally okay. The right furniture and accessories can help change any room into the Industrial style.

Second, check out your walls! Industrial style design uses a lot of grey, brown, white and black. Grey is a great color to paint your walls as it reminds you of cement and goes well with most types of furniture and accessories.

Third, pick out your best Industrial furniture. Showhome Furniture carries a great line of Industrial furniture. We love mixing woods and metal together to create the perfect Industrial feel, while adding warmth and coziness to a space.

Once your walls are painted and furniture picked, now is a great time to add some bright modern art. The right art on the wall can change a drab wall into a stunning space that intrigues and delights the eye.

Lastly pick the perfect rug. Rugs are often overlooked, but at Showhome Furniture we know that the right rug makes all the difference in tying all different elements in a room together.

Remember, if you get stuck when designing your Industrial style home, give Showhome Furniture a call. We love helping our customers out and offer a free one hour consultation from our design specialist.

4 Design Tips On Choosing A Dazzling Dining Room Tables

The heart of every dining room is its table! With the right table you can make every dining experience amazing!

While the principle in picking the right dining room table is fairly simple, you might find, like many of Showhome, Furniture customers do, that they would like the help of a professional in deciding the right dining room table for your family.

That is why Showhome Furniture has it’s own design consulting team that is here to help you in this and every other home decorating problem. Just give us a call and book your consultation today.

First look at your dining needs. How many people do you ideally want it to seat?

Now look at your dining room. Will your dining room table that you ideally want fit in your dining room table? You will need at least 30 inches from the table to the walls in order to exit and enter comfortably. It is also good to make sure that your table corner is at least 48 inches away from the door, if it is an open dining room then you don’t have to worry about this space.

If your dining room table won’t fit the dining needs that you want, consider getting a dining room table that will expand and shrink as needed. This is an excellent option for smaller rooms.

Now decide what type of table that you want. Do you want a more elegant table, or a simpler streamlined table.

At Showhome Furniture we have so many choices and our solid wood furniture is by far our best selling table because they fit into so many different styles of decorating seamlessly.

Lastly, pick your dishes and accessories. Even a gorgeous table looks better with a few accessories to help accent your table.

Remember, if you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation, Showhome Furniture is waiting for your call 🙂 !

7 Ways Of Turning Your Bedroom Into A Retreat!

Sleep is so important to us. We need a certain amount of sleep each day in order to become optimally healthy. One of the most important things that you can do to help you sleep better is to turn your room into a place that is uncluttered, and encourages rest and relaxation.

Showhome Furniture LOVES our bedroom suites and anything to do with creating a space that you look forward to spending time in! If you are struggling on how to create this with your bedroom give Showhome Furnitures a call and book your free design consultation. We love helping our clients out.

Here are seven ways that you can help turn your own bedroom into a wonderful place of relaxation.

First declutter your room. Go through your closets and get rid of the clothing that you never use. Get rid of old make-up, socks, and accessories. If you have anything else hanging out in your room that you don’t need, just clear it out. We have a great motto that we use all the time, “When in doubt, throw it out”. If you don’t know what to get rid of, call a friend and ask them to help. Sometimes an impartial person helping you choose what to keep and what to get rid of helps out a lot.

Next paint your walls a light color. Lavender, light blue, soft grey and green are all great choices to work with. If you have a fabulous bedding set, or gorgeous bed, try to match the wall colors to them, this will save you time and money in the long run.

When you paint, if you can completely empty out your bedroom that is a bonus. With an empty bedroom you will be able to choose what goes back in your bedroom and what is forever left out.

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture you need to consider. Getting a great bed, and mattress will change a rough night into a blissful experience. At Showhome furniture we have a ton of choices for beds, and we carry Serta’s high end mattresses.

Another thing that we carry, and that I absolutely love, is a movable vibrating bed. This is great for those who have bad backs because you can adjust the height to fit your needs and make you most comfortable.

Once you have picked your bed, choose appropriate sized end tables. If you have chosen a larger bed, it makes sense to pick a bulkier set of end tables. Not only do they look great, but they are great for storage.

If you have room, this is the time to choose your dressers, or armouir if you need one. The less furniture that you need the better because it will give you room to accessories and add extra touches to make your room more useable.

In a larger bedroom, adding a chair, or a desk and lamp are great options to making your bedroom fit your different activities.

A rug will make your room feel cozy. You don’t have to have huge rug, just a smaller one at the end of the bed or on each side of the bed works great.

Can you fit in a small bench at the end of your bed? If you can we highly suggest you do. Depending on what one you get it can be used for dressing as well as storage.

Lastly (or firstly if you already had one) the bedding in your room and the pillows can change a humdrum room into a retreat immediately. Even if that is all you did to your room after decluttering, you would see an instant affect.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation with our amazing designers don’t hesitate to call us.

5 Steps For Creating A Bright Basement

One of the most underused spaces in most homes is the basement. Often dark, and harder to get to, the basement is usually overlooked and under appreciated. With real estate being expensive and renovations costly, it is well worth your time to invest in making your basement more inviting.

Showhome Furniture realizes that learning to design a space properly is hard to do and takes hundreds of hours of practice. With our huge furniture store having to redesigned constantly as our inventory is constantly changing, our designers are experts in what they do and want to help you. Showhome Furniture provides a free design consultation with all our customers. Call today to book yours!

Today Showhome Furniture is going to help you change your basement into beautiful space that everyone wants to spend more time in.

First look at the wall color. Is it dark? A dark wall color will make the whole room look and feel smaller. A light paint color on the wall will help make your basement feel more open and spacious. This typically is one of the easiest, cost efficient ways of making your basement more inviting to your family members. As humans we tend to appreciate brightly lit places.

Second, see if there is a way to open up your basement more. Often just being able to knock out a wall (make sure you check with a contractor to make sure it is not a load bearing wall) or two will make a world of a difference. My sister has a pretty open basement but recently she took out a wall that separated her basement kitchen to the living room. The difference was immediate and amazing! Everyone comments on how bright and spacious just that one little change made it feel.

Next, declutter. Nothing wrecks the look of a room than tons of nick nacks and clutter. When you declutter, you free up emotional and mental space as well. This automatically makes your room more enjoyable and relaxing to be in.

Add mirrors! Mirrors are a great way to make any room brighter, especially your basement. At Showhome Furniture we have a ton of different types of mirrors that you can use to reflect the light that is already in your basement and make it brighter.

Another thing you can do to make your basement brighter is to add more lighting to it. You can do this by getting an electrician in to actually add more lights in the ceiling or you can just buy a bunch of beautiful floor and table lamps. This extra light will create a space that feels big and spacious.

The last thing that you can do to turn your basement into a well-used and loved space is to get properly sized furniture. Having furniture that is too big or too small in your basement will throw people off and will make your basement feel less inviting. At Showhome Furniture we do custom Canadian made furniture for every room of the house. If you are worried about what size or type of furniture that would look great in your basement, give us a call. We do do free design consultations for our customers so that their dollars are spent in the most efficient way possible.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to have your basement working for you!

Stunning Canadian Made Showhome Custom Furniture

I was visiting my sister recently and marveling at her 100-year old house and all the fine details that each room possessed.  I was amazed at the craftsmanship displayed throughout her home. The high ceilings and the handmade moldings around the windows were details that added beauty and functionality to her space without calling too much attention to themselves. 

As we chatted I noticed her dining room chairs.  They were the same chairs that my mother had in her home and raised all her 11 children with.  They were beautiful and when, out of curiosity, I asked how old they were I was delighted to find out that they were more than 50 years old and layered with almost as many layers of different paints to match the latest trends.  These were good solid chairs. 

They were definitely a good investment as sometimes it is hard to find wooden chairs that will last 5 years!!

This is why at Showhome Furniture we do what we do.  We have worked hard to find good quality furniture that can withstand the rigor of today’s active family from a local company.  Not only do we want the best furniture, we also want furniture that has been built with love, attention to detail and in the most ethical way possible and one that supports our local Canadian industry.

At Showhome Furniture we are transparent about where our furniture comes from and who it is that builds it.  Just as we don’t take shortcuts with our furniture, we do not run a business at the expense of our employee’s lives, or at the expense of our customers wallet!

We love them because they are quality through and through, and did I mention that they are made right here in Canada?  That means that your hard-earned money stays in our country benefiting more than just your home at each purchase.

At our custom Canadian made furniture factories, it is obvious that they have been raised with good honest Canadian values and this shows in their workmanship.  Not only are their furniture stunning, beautiful enough to grace the nicest home, but they are also truly a quality work of art that when stripped down one can see is made to last throughout the ages.  Corners are reinforced with blocks, staples and then glue making their pieces solid. 

Their wood frames are made of a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and thick CNC engineered plywood parts that give accuracy and precision every time.

Showhome Furniture knows that buying new furniture is an investment and we don’t take your investment lightly. 

We endeavor to do everything that we can to ensure that every piece of furniture that you purchase from us is something that will last throughout the years.

Call us if you would like Showhome Furniture design team to help you pick the best furniture for your space.  We will work with your existing furniture to help you create the home you always wanted.

Getting Professional Design Help For Free!

When you need help with your health we all know to go to our doctors. Going to a good doctor saves us time, money and helps us get healthier faster.

When we are needing advice on building, we all know to call a contractor who specializes in the type of work our project requires. A good contractor will know where we can save money on our project and they will suggest different options to help us get the very best results in the end. A good contractor can save us thousands of dollars because they are an expert in the field and know things that we can’t possibly know.

Few of us though, when thinking of designing and decorating our homes think to call a professional designer in. We don’t usually think about doing this because a designer usually cost a lot of money and we think that their service is a luxury.

Just like a good doctor and a good contractor can save us time, money and improve our health and well-being (by saving us stress) a good designer can help you save money and bring great satisfaction into your life. Our homes are one of our most important places to be. It is in our home that we connect with those we love, we rejuvenate our souls and come up with the idea’s and skills to reach our dreams. If there is any place in our lives that we should be reaching out to a professional, it is in helping us create a space that reflects our core beliefs and desires in life.

At Showhome Furniture, not only do we specialize in Canadian made furniture, we believe in helping our customers create that space in their homes that can help them become the best you possible. We know this takes work, knowledge and experience.

We also know that you work hard for your money and we want to help it go as far as possible. This is why, at Showhome Furniture we provide a free design consultation to our customers.

Our top designers, having spent thousands of hours designing are available to come and help you create the most beautiful home possible. They work with your existing furniture and accessories. They will help you arrange your furniture so it flows better and creates cozy places to talk, eat and just relax. Our home is where we raise our daughters.

We know how important it is to be suited for our individual lifestyle and we want to help you create this space for your family. Call us! You deserve it!

3 Tips On Creating A Stunning Living Room

Hello my lovely friends!!! Have you ever gone into someone’s house and been just wow’d by their living room? Some people think that in order to create a stunning space in their home, that they need a lot of expensive furniture. At Showhome Furniture, we know that this is not the case. Great design starts with just a few principles that will turn a hum-drum space into an unforgetable room.

If this seem intimdating don’t worry. Showhome Furniture has your covered. Did you know that we offered our clients a free design consultation by our top designers? We do it because we realize that with the help of professionals anyone can have a home they love being in.

Our designers are the same ones we use to create so many stunning spaces in our Showhome Store. Honestly, if you are struggling to figure out how to make your space awesome, please give us a call. We want to help.

Here are three of our top tips for creating an awesome living room space.

First pick a focal point for your living room. This could be your fireplace, an awesome coffee table, or stunning view.

Next use your focal point to create a place for intimate conversation. As pretty as a room is, the real magic in a living room is being able to talk and connect with those we love. Take into consideration of the traffic flow in your room. Also, a tip we have learned is that pulling the furniture away from the wall creates a more inviting space than if they they are pushed right up against the wall.

Lastly, using a rug is a great way of accessorizing the floor and creating a cozy defined without walls, leaving your space feeling open, spacious and intimate and cozy at the same time.

If you would like some more idea’s on how to use your existing furniture and accessories to create awesome spaces in your home give us a call for your free design consultation from Showhome Furnitures top designers.

Showhome Furniture specializes in Canadian made furniture and custom pieces created just for you!